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Ezine Article; Understanding Psychic Ability, How And Why It Works

We ARE So Much More


Oftentimes we get caught up in wanting more for ourselves, and yet we don't really treat each other very well.  The truth is we are all reflections of each other and what we do to others we are actually doing to our own self.  Many of our questions, wants, and needs would be answered more easily if we would start to treat each other with love, kindness, and respect.  However, we need to learn how to treat ourselves with this same love, kindness, and respect in order for things to be balanced.

Healing Message from Archangel Raphael for December 24, 2013

My Beloved Souls, as we celebrate with our families and loved ones during this holiday season, let us remember those who are alone in life, those with broken hearts looking for answers to heal the pain, others with emotional trauma and loss tryng to move forward. Archangel Raphael, the Physician of God, gives us the following message in health and healing during this holiday, Massage and Recovery.

How To Create Positive Energy In Your Life

Creating positive energy isn't always an easy thing. Particularly when we have no choice but to deal with the negativity of those around us. Often it's in the workplace, sometimes in our personal relationships, or attached to those that we love.


So I'm going to teach you a meditation. It only takes a few seconds to help you center and balance your energy, your chakras, and your mind to protect yourself from the negativity of this sometimes difficult, world.


Divine Message from my Saints and Angels for Thursday, December 12, 2013

My beautiful souls, my three card message for today from my Saints and Angels is Vision from the Guardian Angel, Child from the Guardian Angel and You are a Leader from St Joan of Arc. As we are preparing for the year to end, our Guardian Angel is preparing each of us to do our clean up for 2013, If we were not able to keep our resolutions that we made at the beginning of the year, our Guardian Angel wants each of us to focus on what is forthcoming. Our Guardian Angel wants us to begin on a new vision and resolution for 2014.

Romance Angel Message

My Beloveds, the three card message from my Romance Angels is Free Yourself, Chemistry and Attraction. My spirit guide of love, wants each and everyone of  you to know that you are capable of attracting a romantic love. Release all emotional impurities from your thoughts by taking a deep breath, exhale slowly, close your eyes, raise your hands upward and open your heart unconditionally, and say to the universe, "I am beautiful and whole. I attract romantic love and I enjoy every moment to the fullest.


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