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My First Haunted Apartment by Persephone Davis

My First Haunted Apartment
by Persephone Davis

I got my very first apartment at the age of 22 in Hollywood. I was really excited to be finally living on
my own and the apartment was an old one built in the 1920's and had lots of charm such as high ceilings,
fancy moulding, and intricate tile work in the kitchen and bathroom. I was so happy to call it my own and
decorate. It wasn't very long after moving in though, that strange occurrences began to happen, which
would test my nerves!

It all began with the nightly waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason at the same
time. 3 a.m. After several nights in a row of this I began to see something very strange floating above
my bed. It looked like a haze or cloud. I could see the red light from the smoke detector behind it and it
looked as though I were peering into a pond with ripples in the water in which it was buried. I shrugged
it off as being half asleep and blurry eyed in the dark and went back to sleep, but this would not be the
end of the phenomenon. It was only the beginning! Soon after, the following nights, I began to see what
looked like giant 'bubble's floating from the floor to the ceiling, the kind you see in an aquarium, several
of them scattered across the room and rising to the ceiling. I still was not scared, just confused by this
and wondering if maybe I was simply dreaming with my eyes open.

Then one night, again I was awoken at 3 a.m. but this time when I opened my eyes I found a face floating
above me and to my horror staring me right in the eye! It was a man with pale white skin, jet black
hair with a widow's peak and piercing blue eyes that seemed to burn into me. It was just his face, no body,
and it was directly above mine where I lay sleeping. I was not about to let this strange intruder intimidate
me so I stared back at him as courageously as I could, while scared to death, and we had a little staring
contest that lasted maybe a minute...before his form began to dissipate into nothing. I'd never seen anything
like this before and didn't even know what it was, and still don't. It was very unsettling to say the least.

A few nights passed with nothing happening and I thought maybe my little 'stare down' chased the
bogeyman away. But then another took his place! I was awoken out of a deep sleep for no reason, again
around 3 a.m., and turned to look above and behind where I was sleeping, to discover the ghostly figure
of a woman who appeared to be from the 1950's by her clothing and hairstyle. She had a nice blonde,
bouffant hairdo tied with a scarf as women of that period did, and wearing a grey sundress. She was
leaning over me with both her hands clasped in front of her and staring at me as I slept. She was
completely see through, just like the ghosts portrayed in movies, etc. and her entire body was visible
unlike the prior encounter. Even though she appeared concerned about me and kind looking, this totally
freaked me out, and I lept out of bed screaming and turned on all the lights to 'make her go away'. You
can't see ghosts when the lights are on! I was so shaken by her visit that I began to sleep with the lights
on every night so it wouldn't happen again, and this worked for a few nights very well.

Then one night as I lie sleeping with all the lights on I was awoken by a banging/knocking sound on
the wall. When I opened my eyes it continued as I looked around trying to discover the source of the rapping.
Then to my horror I discovered the source...it was my acoustic guitar leaning against the wall, and visibly
it was banging on the wall as if an invisible hand were holding it by the neck. I watched this for what seemed
like forever when actually it was maybe 20 seconds, before I literally fled the apartment and went to my
good friend and next door neighbors apartment seeking refuge because I was too frightened to sleep in
my apartment alone after this. I never slept in there again, actually, this was the last straw for me and I
packed my belongings and fled the next week. I guess you could say it scared me away.

But almost everywhere I've lived since then, I've continued to have encounters with 'the other side'
in one form or another. It turns out that sensitives like me are very popular to them because they know
we can see and communicate with them unlike most people. I'm just like the little boy in the movie
The Sixth Sense' who sees dead people everywhere, and I've grown more used to it as I've gotten older,
but I still get scared sometimes, it's always unsettling no matter how many times you've seen it.
Even still, I'm grateful for the gift of being able to witness these supernatural happenings, even if I can't
really discuss them with most people because they'll brand me as crazy. I do believe it's a gift and a
blessing and that sharing with the right people my experiences can help them to understand their own
similar situations. As Hamlet says, 'there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt
of in your philosophy.'

They're heeeere..... :)



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