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Explainiation on spirit manifestation evps and the afterlife

I am always being asked about spirit manifestation in my free psychic reading email.

When a spirit is attempting to manifest into this world it draws energy from the available electrical fields around it. this often causes a physical reaction that creates a chill down our spine or causes the hair to stand up on the back of our neck. This can make us very uncomforatble and be a frightening experience if we do not understand what is happening. This is one reason so may people who have experienced spirit manifestation are so frightened by it..

But spirit manifestation is rarely a situation that can put the living in any actual danger.. Quite the opposite, it can be quite enlightening if we learn to overcome our initial reaction.. Most spirits do not want to frighten us. They are often simply trying to interact in the physical world in order to get a message across to, or be close to, someone or some plac, they loved when they were living in the physical world..

But some believe that they now have a way that they can tell when a spirit is trying to manifest.

When a spirit uses electrical fields to try to manifest in the physical realm, that spirit creates its own EMF ( electro magnetic field). These fields can be measured using an EMF detector.

Many of the modern ghost hunters find that they can detect the electro magnetic field of a spirit by using Electro Magnetic Field meters (EMF).

Everything in nature, both alive and inanimate, gives off an electromagnetic field. And many modern appliances emit a very strong electromagnetic field such as electrical outlets , computers, electrical wiring, TV's, air conditioners, fuse boxes, etc.. Most of these electrical sources will give off high EMF readings as part of their normal operation.
A normal EMF reading from one of these appliances will be strong and steady

EMF readings that might indicate a spirit are
Readings which fluctuate for no accountable reason, especially if they happen around a "cold spot" If the readings spikes from high to low and seems to move around the room. ''it is likely a spirit trying to manifest.
When this happens we often feel a "chill" such as the hair standing up on the back of our necks. This does not mean that there is a presence of anything bad or evil. It is just a natural physical reaction to the spirits drawing energy from a physical source in order to materialize in this physical world....

Fluctuating EVPs are very often found in cemeteries, hospitals and accident sites – places where people (especially large numbers of people) have died.

I believe that there are other universes, other realities and planes of existence that are close (parallel) to our own universe but not in the same physical space. I believe that one of these parallel planes is the realm of the afterlife, the place souls/spirits go when our body dies. The theory is that under the right circumstances spirits form the other side ( parallel universe) can momentarily bridge between their universe and ours to contact us, but with great effort and difficulty. They must learn how and they must draw power from existing physical sources to function on a limited level in the physical realm as they no longer have bodies.

If you would like more information on spirit manifestation you may ask Joan in your free psychic reading. Joan is also an experiences channeler of spirits of the how have departed this world and answers 1 free psychic question pertaining to messages from loved ones who have passed on.



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