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My Life-changing Encounter with Angels

“. . . When you are alone, you should know that there is present with you the angel whom God has appointed for each man. . . This angel, who is sleepless and cannot be deceived, is always present with you; he sees all things and is not hindered by darkness. You should know, too, that with him is God, who is in every place; for there is no place and nothing material in which God is not, since He is greater than all things and holds all men in His hand.”

–St. Anthony the Great (also known as Anthony of the Desert) was an Eastern Orthodox abbot, Egyptian mystic, and founder of Christian monasticism. Known as “the Father of all Monks”, St. Anthony (AD 251-356) is deeply revered among all Eastern Christians.

My guardian angel has been in my life since shortly after my birth, but I did not realize this until I was 9 years old, in the third grade. One of my most powerful and formative spiritual experiences occurred at that time. It was on one of those beautiful spring afternoons, when the temperature was just cool enough outside that my teacher had decided to open the classroom windows and let in the warm sunlight and crisp breeze. As I was writing at my desk, I found myself hearing the most beautiful, ethereal singing coming from outside the open window. I had never heard anything like it before.

Despite having acquired a rich vocabulary from the constant pleasure reading I did while growing up, to this day I still struggle to describe what I heard on that afternoon. It sounded somewhat like the pealing of great cathedral bells, but it was gentler, more subdued than that. The singing rose and fell much like a choir, as though dozens of voices were raised in song. What were they singing? I could not tell. Puzzled, I tried to forget the sound and concentrate on the assignment at hand, but I remained distracted, inexplicably drawn to the otherworldly singing coming from the sunlight outside.

At the time of this experience, I was not fully aware of my intuitive gifts, or of my close connection to the other world, so I sought to ignore what I convinced myself must have been the sound of wind chimes ringing in the breeze. Despite scouring the school grounds after class for any sign of wind chimes hanging from a classroom window, or one of the neighboring houses, I was unsettled to see that there were no chimes anywhere even remotely close to my school building. What, then, could the sound have been?

I went home, still troubled by my thoughts, and tried desperately to convince myself that I must have drifted off and experienced some sort of vivid daydream. That night, however, I received powerful confirmation in a dream that what I had heard were not wind chimes ringing in the breeze, but angels hymning and worshiping God. Skeptical, I still sought to dismiss this as some sort of wishful thinking or confirmation bias, but I soon realized I could not deny what I had experienced. Ever since this awakening, I have sought after any and all types of spiritual music, in the hope of finding something that comes close to imitating the otherworldly beauty I heard on that spring day.

I found such heavenly music in an unexpected place. In search of the spiritual tradition which most beckoned my soul to God, I spent years studying every faith and religious tradition practiced among mankind. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was seeking the path in which worshipers strove to imitate the hymns of angels. During this invaluable search, I discovered profound beauty in every religious path I studied, but I have encountered it most powerfully within Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Angels are vividly present in this ancient faith, which is the second largest Christian tradition in the world, but a very small minority in Britain and the United States. Every Sunday liturgy actually has a song of the angels, the Cherubic Hymn (Greek: Cherubikon, "the Song of the Cherubim"). This ancient chant was first added to the Liturgy in the year 574 on the order of the Eastern Roman Emperor Justin II. This emperor wanted the Church’s liturgical worship to be so compellingly beautiful that people would, as one visiting Russian envoy described his experience of it in the tenth century, “know not whether [they] were in heaven or on earth”.

Orthodox Christians worship by singing the services in their entirety; like devout Orthodox Jews, we see the profound wisdom in the Talmudic saying that, when worshiping God, "silence is better than speech, but song is better than silence." The Cherubic Hymn is an especially sacred part of the Liturgy for all worshipers, for during it, we believe angels invisibly enter into the church to worship God alongside the congregation. Because of this, this hymn is a musical climax during the Liturgy. It is the most ethereal, mysterious music offering of the Church, the Body of Christ – the choir’s attempt to imitate the host of angels singing before the heavenly throne of God.

It is difficult to describe this beauty with words, since it is something which one experiences with one’s noetic senses, that is, the union between heart and soul which comprises the core of who we are as human beings, relating to our ability to perceive God. In the Cherubic Hymn, heaven and earth are joined; the heavenly hosts move among mortals, and earthly choirs co-mingle with angelic hosts in hymning God.

The opening words of the hymn (“Let us who mystically image [represent] the Cherubim”) serve to remind worshipers that the ineffable image of God is present in every person. This is expressed physically during the singing of the hymn, when a deacon moves around censing the whole church, including the congregation of worshipers, with incense, so that God is venerated and honored in the presence of each holy person, whether visible or invisible.

Throughout my spiritual journey, as my self-awareness and faith have deepened, I have become increasingly attuned to the presence of angels in my life, and their constant presence in the Orthodox temples and cathedrals in which I worship. These powerful spiritual forces of light and guidance used to unnerve me, but, as I have come to realize the barrier between this world and the next is far narrower than most people care to realize, I have gradually become very comfortable with them. I now endeavor to use my connection to them to help others.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity is filled with a profoundly beautiful theology of angels. Every aspect of Jesus’ life, from His conception, birth, and death, to His resurrection and ascension to the heavenly realm, was heralded and accompanied by angels. You can read of this for yourself in the Bible, or view magnificent holy images called icons which pictorially and visually tell the same stories. The Christian story begins directly with an angel: most people are familiar with the story of the Annunciation, in which the Archangel Gabriel greets the Virgin Mary with the ‘good news’ of God the Father’s love for her, a love so great that He asks her to bring forth the Christ. Because we believe Jesus to be fully God and fully Man, the Theanthropos (Greek: "God-Man"), we honor His Mother as the Theotokos (Greek: "Birthgiver of God"), the Mother of God Incarnate.

In my spiritual tradition, we see Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, as the Philanthropos (Greek: “the Lover of Mankind”), Who so loved the world that He, as God, took on our humanity, participating fully in His Creation. As St. Irenaeus of Lyon (d. 202) wrote, “God became what we are that He might make us what He is”. Our belief that God became incarnate in human history is both the single most beautiful, and the most controversial, thing about Christianity. This is, in part, because of what the Christian faith says about God (that He deigned to become a part of His Creation), but especially because of what it says about humanity (human nature becomes deified and inherently holy because God Himself has taken it on).

A little over two thousand years ago, Christians believe, God actually walked on this earth. You could have touched Him, seen Him smile, or heard Him laugh. And angels were constantly by His side, just as, today, we believe that every person has one as his or her lifelong guardian and protector.

Here is a beautiful Eastern Orthodox Christian prayer to address to one's guardian angel. Regardless of what your own spiritual beliefs or background might be, I invite you to use this as you wish:

“O Angel of God, my holy guardian, keep my life in the remembrance of God, strengthen my mind in the True Way, and wound my soul with heavenly Love, so that, guarded by Thee, I may obtain the great mercy of God. Amen.”

Below, I have included videos of three particularly magnificent arrangements of the Cherubic Hymn. The first, in Church Slavonic (an ancient Slavic liturgical language) is in the Old Bulgarian Chant style. Fr. Silouan (Silvanus), the abbot of Russia's renowned Optina Hermitage, arranged this composition in 1993. His monastery has produced some of Russia's most beloved Saints. The Male Choir of Optina Monastery in St. Petersburg sings this transcendent, otherworldly hymn.

The second hymn I will share with you is "Shen Khar Venakhi", ("Thou Art a Vineyard"), a thousand-year old Theotokion (hymn honoring the Virgin Mary) from the ancient kingdom of Georgia in the Caucasus mountains. Prevailing ecclesiastical and historical tradition holds that St. King Demetrius I (r. 1125-1156) composed the hymn during his period of exile at a monastery when his son David briefly usurped the throne. The renowned Rustavi choir of Georgia sings this beautiful, internationally beloved arrangement. Many Orthodox parishes use King Demetrius's compellingly beautiful composition for their Cherubic Hymn, retaining the same musical arrangement, but changing the text to fit the words of the Song of the Angels.

The third video is an English-language arrangement of the Cherubic Hymn (Mode Plagal IV) sung by the renowned English-language contemporary Orthodox choral ensemble Cappella Romana. This particular arrangement bears a much closer resemblance to traditional Western European liturgical music. This piece is taken from their album "Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals".

Wishing you peace, and a fullness of joy in all things.

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Thank you very much! I am very glad, and deeply touched, that my article here has resonated with many people. I am so glad you like the videos -- many more beautiful Cherubic Hymns and other Eastern Orthodox liturgical music may be found via YouTube!

Wishing you peace and a fullness of joy,



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