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Energy Cleansing Ritual

Begin by writing down exactly what you want removed from your energy field. If it is just a feeling of negativity or a person who has created negativity, the write that down as well. We will discus these things before the cleansing so I can focus on removing them during the aura cleansing ritual. If you leave something out, you may see it pop up in unexpected ways. So be specific!
We often start this ritual with very serious intent, but it works best when we release it with a giggle. The universe seems to appreciate laughter and the best results I have seen come from letting the energy you have built up go into the cosmos with a bit of humor. (Those who engineered our universe seem to have a great sense of humor. Why else would life play so many strange tricks on us)
OK, here goes. You will need your list, a bowl of water, a bowl of salt and a knife.I prefer to use white candles. black candles are good for adsorbing negative energy if you can find them, but they are not necessary.. also if you have any personal items from anyone who has caused you harm, have them ready...
Place any personal items you may have from any individual that has created negativity in your life front of you.
Have both the bowl of water and salt with the knife laid ready. Behind the bowls have the candles burning.

We begin by drawing up the white light from your feet and feeling it flow through your body. Use it to protect yourself and the area you are working in.
Now place the knife in the bowl of water and say, "I remove from you, creature of water, all negativity that may be present within the air and water elements within my circle of influence and cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanliness of the spirit world of phantasm."

Put the knife in the bowl of salt and say, "Blessings be upon this creature of salt. Let all negativity which might hinder me be cast out, and let all good and only good, enter my circle.. I bless thee, so you may aid me in the names of the guardian angles who have chosen to protect me (Their names are Raphael,Michael,Gabriel,Ariel) You may say then if you wish as you will be later anyway.
Pour the water into the salt and lay both bowls aside.

Now visualize the white light being projected from your hand and use it to form a protective circle around your area. Say " I conjure thee O circle of power, that you be a place of love, joy , truth and protection. Let this circle be A shield against wickedness and evil. A boundary between the worlds of men and the spirit worlds. A rampart of protection that will keep and hold all the power that will be raise within this circle.
Now as you visualize the white light coming from the ground, through your feet, up through your head, over your body, and extending out through your hands. use your hands to direct the energy to protect your area in white light.

Now take the bowl of salt water and sprinkle it lightly around you to create the the parameter of your circle of protection.. You do not need to soak the carpet or the floor, just a light flick of water from your fingers to create the circle..

Now turn to the east and say " lords of watchtowers of the East, lord of air, I call upon the angel Raphael. I do summon, stir and call you up to witness my rites and guard my circle. Then say "Yod He Vau He"
Now turn to the south and say " lords of watchtowers of the South, Lord of fire, Angel Michael, I do summon, stir and call you up to witness my rites and guard my circle." Then say "Adoni"
Then face the West and say, "lords of the watchtowers of the West, angel Gabriel, Lord of water, I do summon, stir and call you up to witness my rites and guard my circle. and say "Eheieh"
Now turn to the North and say " lord of the watchtowers of the North, angel Auriel, angel of Earth, I do summon, stir and call you up to witness my rites and guard my circle. then say "Agla"

OK you have now called upon the angles of protection if you have visualized them strongly they will be there.

Here is where we find the chords, remove them,, create the mirror and send her energy back to whomever is affecting you.... But this part I must do as I see fit.
however, the basics are to locate places in your body and energy field where you feel a connection to a particular person who is causing you negativity and with whom you still feel connected to.
Use the knife to "cut the cords... I will explain to you how.
When we have been through each cord and cut ti, we then create a mirror in each place
where a cord was and create a mirror so that you are protected and all energy simply reflects away from you and back onto them..

After we have cut the cords, we now work to fill you with the white light energy. We go through each chakra ad examine how it feels. We go deeply in and examine how it feels and look int your childhood past to see how you felt similarly and what caused it... Now we come back into the present and examine those feelings again. We then "fill in the cracks" of each cohakra and move up through each one that needs to be healed...
Then we start the process of putting you into a trance using the necklace or pendulum. We use it to put a mantra I have chosen for you into your mind... You will be fully awake when I do this and in control of what you choose to adsorb.
We will use this to go through your energy field and visually remove all the negativity that is stuck to you... You will be fully aware of what it is and what is being done. I will also ask you to verbalize each piece of negativity and where you believe it comes from.
We will then go to your list of what you want to ask for and chant it while I do the ancient chant As you do this, visualize the psychic energy swirling around you. As you feel i,t catch it in your hands and let it flow back and forth between your hands like a cyclone. It is helpful if you are a little silly when doing this, as laughter raises energy. So it is OK and beneficial to giggle.. While we are doing this we allow all the negativity to be caught up in the swirling energy... It will clean away all the bad stuff so look for it in your minds eye....

Now, while we watch the energy swirl through our hands, you pick up your list of things you want removed and start to chant it.

Do this over and over while we build up the swirling energy. Keep chanting your list of things you want to be rid of until it reaches a

point where the energy has reached its apex.. I will let you know when it it ready to be released.

When we feel we have all the bad stuff caught in the swirling energy, we let it go and say "take it away...

Now we let it go with a giggle

Now you may close the circle. it is important that you release all the angels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel, and thank them for joining you.It is very important that you release them as experience has taught me that strange things happen when you forget to do so. So thank them and bid them good bye one by one.
Now your cleansing in complete.


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we now work to fill you with the white light vitality. We experience each chakra advertisement look at how it feels. We go profoundly in and inspect how it feels and look int your youth past to perceive how you felt also and what brought about it... Presently we return into the present and analyze those emotions once more. We then "fill in the breaks" of each cohakra and climb through every one that should be healed.Then we begin the way toward placing you into a daze utilizing the neckband or pendulum. We utilize it to put a mantra I have decided for you into your psyche. Assignment help service You will be completely alert when I do this and in control of what you adsorb.

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Ad take a gander at how it feels. We go significantly in and review how it feels and look int your childhood past to see how you felt likewise and what achieved it... By and by we return into the present and break down those feelings yet again. RushPaper Company We then "fill in the breaks" of each cohakra and move through each one that ought to be recuperated.


We start the way to placing you into a Buy Assignment utilize the jewelry or pendulum. We exploit it to place a mantra I have determined for you into your psyche. You will be totally alert when I do this and in control.

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