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A Constant Reference Point Amidst the Challenges of Life

Do you ever have one of those days when you are so overcome with awe at the beauty of the natural world that you simply behold the magnificence before you with a kind of silent wonderment? This happens to me quite often, most recently just the other day. While walking with my beloved dog (a first generation Golden Doodle) during the late afternoon on Monday, 10 March, I realized how absolutely beautiful the day was – quiet and peaceful in my cul-de-sac neighborhood, the air cool but not chilly. This is the best of early spring weather, when the last dreary snow left on the ground from deep winter is melting away, and the Sun just seems to shine more brightly than usual.

Conscious of the Sun’s particularly brilliant beauty on this afternoon, I felt an almost indescribable sense of peace as I contemplated the reality of how the Sun is a great equalizer of mankind and their sufferings – it shines for us all, no matter how we might be feeling on a given day or where we are in life. The same Sun greets us day after day, irrespective of our successes or failures, our fears or our triumphs. No matter what, the Sun, like God, still is – it remains a constant fixture in our view of the heavens, despite the ever-changing face of life on this earth.

For mankind, the Sun is The Great Object or focal point, that Thing to which we measure and compare ourselves, our struggles and triumphs, our very planet, and all of these things ultimately appear so infinitesimally small, so insignificant or impermanent when compared to this Great Light for our world, and the very heavens. Yet our own references to the Sun as this universal focal point, in its entire incomprehensible enormity, in its astounding mass and power, inevitably remind us that everything we endeavor to understand is ultimately a matter of our perspective.

The Sun is indescribably vast and indisputably powerful, yet gazing up at it on this, or any given day, it seems to me far away, small, even weak or indifferent from my earthly perspective. Yet, no matter where we go on this earth, no matter how we choose to live, or where, or when we will ultimately leave this temporary home, the Sun is always there, brighter than us, warming us and sustaining our planet through every season, every trial, every year. Just like God, the Sun, no matter how we perceive it or acknowledge it, always is.

The Sun has been the same focal point for every person who has ever lived, every person who lives today, and every person who ever will live on this earth. Every slave, every queen and emperor, every mother, father and child in the history of time has gazed upon the same Sun, the same finite Light in the universe which is, to us, eternal. This realization brings with it a profound peace of soul, radiant inner joy, and an all-encompassing satisfaction in the ultimate order and balance of things.

Dear reader, whatever your challenges, trials or sufferings, I urge you to look to the Sun and see a steady beacon, a constant light to our world at which all men and women throughout history have gazed in wonderment. When you contemplate something so vast and permanent, your problems will not go away, but you will gain a new perspective. You will realize that all of life's challenges are fading, temporary obstacles when seen in the light of the Sun which lights up our world no matter what. Take heart from this, and realize that no obstacle in life endures forever.

Wishing you peace, and a fullness of joy in all things.

- Alexander

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