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A List Of Difficult Questions I Am Often Asked As A Psychic

A list of difficult questions I am often asked as a psychic.

Many people want to believe that their futures are predestined and not a result of the choices they make with their own free will.
I am finding myself challenged on a daily basis answering questions that rely on the actions taken by the one asking. Here are some
I received today that reflect the differences between expectations of what the future holds and my responses in which I attempt to
explain the reality of the situation.


H, .I was just wondering do you know the initials to the guy I will marry?


No, marriage is a choice, this choice is not to one to be predicted as you have not set yourself on that path yet. Do not take
such a life altering event as fate, but as a choice you make using your free will.

The love of my life is Stephanie . She wants to move out but right now but is cuddling more. Her She wants to make different life choices. Like different career path. I don't what her to move. So my question is...Is Stephanie going to be my wife to have a family?

This is tough one. She wants to grow and move to improve her life. You want her to stay.
My answer comes in the form of a question. If she stays how much growth do you have to offer her?
I do feel she loves you, but has more to see and do in her life. Can you do that for her?
Is your love selfish or it is true love in which you wish the best for her.
In honestly answering this question lies the answer of whether she will stay or go.

His response
That's not fair to say each way. I believe she want me to provide more and do more...I do have a 2nd interview with a company that would help not living to paycheck to paycheck. She also still need time alone she never said goodbye to her mom when she died. No funeral..I was looking more for answer then thinking about this for the last 2 months..but she hasn't really looked for a place.Her dad did offer to come live in Florida..she will be going there in January for a week with her dad. I'm confused if she is coming or going

My response
this one is not set in stone. The way you handle the situation will decide the outcome.
She has some issues to work out and needs some space to do so. My suggestion is to give it to her when she asks. But whether she comes back or not is not yet formed into the future. You see, some things are already set in motion and a psychic can see them in the future. 
Others are waiting on a decision in action to be made and thus unformed. So no prediction can be made.

All I can tell you is to be patient with her, do not pressure her. Show concern for her well being and respect her choices. If you do this I feel she will miss you enough to want to return to you. But you must get your situation straight for her to be comfortable.


Have I met my Twin flame or meeting him in the future

I do not believe in twin flames. I believe in choices and free will. However, I feel you have met someone you loved very much in the past who you wish will return.
I also feel that if you pursue a new interest that involves the interaction of a group of people, you will find love again. Let the past
be the past and move on towards the future.

Message: I have been having marital problems and have separated. I have now
met another man and have rapidly
developed feelings for him. I now need to know if he is as interested
as I am so we can develop a serious relationship?

Trying to rush a man into love is a recipe for disaster. He does have feelings for you but they will fluctuate
so do not pursue him too aggressively by calling and texting him a lot. He needs time to become comfortable with you
and to bond with you. Being needy with him will be to your detriment so play it cool and give him time alone to
miss you when he pulls away ( which most do). 

I know you want to believe love is fated, but how you handle the situation really does determine the outcome.
I feel this man can be a healing force for you after the divorce, but only if you handle this right.

Many women try to rush into love after a divorce and without having dated in a while. When they do this things can become
confusing. There is a definite way to date that brings results and another way that does not.
So take your time and he will feel more comfortable with you, which CAN lead to love.



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This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.
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