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Can I do a spell on my own to remove negative energy?

I have read some of your articles on spells and negativity. I have been told I have negative energy, curse put on me by three people, my aura is dark and my charka need balancing and this is why my finances are bad and I can't make any money. They want to charge anywhere from $200 to $1000 to fix the problem. Will the spell you have listed work if I do them and will a money spell start bringing me more money?

A spell done on you own will work better than these people telling you these lies to scare you into giving them money. Hun what they are telling you about negativity is an old scam. They tell the same thing to everyone in hopes that some will become frightened and give them money....
If you learn to work with your own energy by doing these spells, you will have more control over your luck and your life. It has worked for me and a lot of people. but you must take your fate in your own hands and not turn it and your money, over to these bad people who are trying to scare you and take your money..
Here is a quick meditation that can be very powerful if practiced over time.
Sit or lie somewhere comfortable. Take five deep breaths breathing in from your diaphragm to the count of four and breathing out to the count of four each time.
Then, Visualize your body drawing life energy up through the earth. ( eventually you can learn to draw energy from a lot of different sources, but for now we use life energy)
AS you do this bring it up through the base of your spine and feel it drawing through your sex organs. Then through your belly and your solar plexus, then your heart, your throat and then filling your third eye in the middle of your forehead. It can turn colors as it does this but for each person it is unique, so there are no fast and hard rules..
Finally imagine it spilling out of the top of your head.
Then allow the energy to surround you in an egg of white light.
you can learn to use this white light energy for many purposes, but for now, we are going to use it to protect ourselves. Every time you do this mediation ( I do it every night) you can project the light out further and further into your environment. This is what you sue to protect you. It can be very powerful if practiced daily. So do not be reluctant to experiment with it and use it.



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