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Concept of Karma

I have seen in my free psychic question emails that many people are confused as to the roles that karma plays in our lives. So I have given you a brief history here of where the idea of karma came from.

The concept of Karma originated with originated in the shramana tradition which led to Buddhism and Jainism who adopted the idea into their beliefs. It later was adopted by the Brahmanic religion in India the 1st millennium BC. The Brahmins wrote the first recorded scriptures containing these ideas in the early Upanishads. The idea was that an individual cycles back and forth between the earth and the spirit realm of ancestors.

Initially, the idea was that moral behavior has no influence on rebirth.
The idea that one's actions directly influenced one's rebirth did not appear until much later when the Brahmins adopted this idea from other religious groups.

In short we ALL have karmic debt:) However, the universe ( the way I have seen it) is not as unforgiving as you have been taught. This may sound strange to you but think about it.
Our karmic debt has a lot to do with our emotions during these lives and how we have, or have not, grown spiritually. However, spiritual growth is not always what we were taught it should be by tradition..
Many religions have used the concept of punishment in an afterlife to control the masses to keep them in order as well as to frighten them so they would be easier to control for political purposes.
However, I do find that some actions do come back on you in this life and that using negative energy to achieve a goal often breeds more negativity in ones life.
When working with psychic energy, or life energy, that connects us all, that which we put out is that which we attract. So in fact, you attract what you send out.
Your actions do have an effect on what happens to you in this life, so choose your actions and words carefully..

If you are interested in how karma has affected you, a free psychic reading can help you
understand how best to use your own psychic energy as well as actions to take to create more positive situations in your life..



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