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Dating advice for strong career women

As a professional psychic I have heard a lot of relationship issues from both men and women.. One of these is in maintaining the masculine/feminine balance between men and women in careers in which they must be extremely aggressive.

You may be a bit strong in business and that is a really good thing for a woman. But appearing too strong in relationships with men, takes away from their masculinity and they naturally avoid women who are stronger than them. What works in business does not work in relationships

Pursing a man takes away his need to chase you and win you over. A man can really admire you for what you have accomplished, but if you pursue him like you would a business situation, chances are he will run the other way...

A woman needs to soften up a bit for her lover. When a man sees that you are soft and receptive for him and strong in business, it is a turn on. Many men brag about this, when talking about dating a successful female. As long as you never turn that side of yourself that can be aggressive in getting what she wants in the business world, towards them, They will consider you a trophy. If you do decide to treat him as you would a business situation, watch him run for the hills...

It is OK for a woman to be strong and come across as dominant in business. But you must not appears this way in your romantic relationships with men. It takes away from their feelings of masculinity. A man is turned on by a woman in terms of how she makes him feel about himself. If he feels emasculated then the relationship is doomed...

So remember,you can take the lead in business, but not in personal relationships with masculine men. They need to feel they are the ones in control. To feel that he has control of a strong woman, who may dominate others but not him, can be a big turn on to many guys.....It makes him feel stronger. It is all in how you play it..

The best thing you can do in these situations, is to lay the feminine bait, make flirty eyes, but never openly pursue him... Let him feel that he must win you over from your other suitors... Be they real or imagined.... A man wants a woman that other men want... So giving him an inviting smile and then turning away to answer a call or talk to another person is fine. Just do not do the approaching, let him take the initiative....

However, if you are interested in a man who is not as masculine, who may be a bit more laid back, then the rules are different. I have seen some cases in which very strong women had successful relationships with men who preferred to stay at home with the children... These are rare, but they do occur... However, my overall experience with talking to men has been that they do not like to date women who show any kind of dominance over them....
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