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Guy friend says he does not want a romantic relationship. I still do.

I just want to know if I should wait around for a guy that is my friend who claims he doesn't feel nothing, but in my heart I know its something. We have been friends for five years and we like to hang out and do stuff together. He has dated other girls but it has never lasted for him. I just know that if I wait for him he will finally realize that I am the girl for him and we can be together forever.

The more you wait around for him , the less interested he will be.You have asked him if he is interested and he has answered you honestly. The problem here is that the right dynamic has not been set between you two to create the kind of chemistry he needs to find you attractive. First of all, are you fitting not what you see as his "type" as in the kind of girls he has been dating in the past? This is extremely important to a guy. They do have certain things that they find attractive in a woman and if you do not fit into that mold there may be things that you can change to make yourself more physically attractive to him. Secondly, are you creating the right environment to set off his "chase" instinct? You may have made it too easy on him to have you and now he takes you for granted and finds the though of a relationship with less of a challenge than he has with these other girls and therefor, less exciting. A guy actually values a relationship that he has to work for. If you make it too easy for him he puts less value on it. He may find you fun to hang out with, but you have become one of his "guy" friends and that is how he will always view you unless you change a few things.

Here are some suggestions.
If you show an interest in other guys, and he sees that other guys like you, he is likely to find you more attractive.
This is the secret that you are missing. It is a strong male instance to pursue a woman that he must chase. If he does not have to chase, there is no excitement. This is why many good relationships go sour.
If a man sees that a woman is valued and desired by other men , he suddenly finds her more attractive. You see, jealousy is not a bad thing for a man to experience, it gives the woman he is jealous of more value.
This is why waiting just around for a guy is the kiss of death for any potential of a relationship

Are you his physical type? This is actually a big things for many guys. They may enjoy your company, but if he is not physically attracted to you then you may as well forget it.Are you showing the proper amount of self esteem around him? He will want a girl who elevates him by thinking well of herself. If you do not respect yourself he will not respect you and will not find you attractive.

Get involved in projects where you can do things with other guys.
You will find that men are attracted to girls who they share a common interest with, who they can do things with but also who other guys want. There is a certain amount of ego involved in why a guy chooses a woman and her attractiveness to other men play a big role in this.

No, you should not worry that he will feel you have lost interest and do not want him. He is a guy and does not think like you do.

Also, do not appear to be too needy or dependent on him for someone to do things with. He will value time with you more if you have other activities you involve yourself with that make you a more interesting person. It helps if these activities cause you to you interact with other guys. This can also give him the realization that he really does enjoy your company and that he could actually loose you to another man. So if there is actually any spark of attachment, he will have to act on it in order to keep you..

Now, if you want the guy, stop chasing him and start making yourself more interesting by doing something that involves other men and a fun project.

You must change the dynamic of this relationship. Otherwise, you will be caught in the friend rut with him for good.

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