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He is going through a rough time and asked for his space

What I would like to ask in my free psychic reading question is, I need advice on what is the best thing to do in a situation with a guy. I am not to sure if I should walk away from him, or stick around and help him through this bad time and see what will happen between us. We were together, then he wanted to just be friends and now he has asked for his space. Not to sure if I should just walk away now

Give him his space and get on with your life. Sticking around makes it look like you are pursuing him and that is the kiss of death to this situation. Put yourself back out on the market to date. The guy you are asking about is not ready, or wanting, a relationship. Trying to "help" him is not what he wants and will backfire on you.
Timing is everything and the timing in his life is all wrong and he has made that clear. If you try to make contact with him after he has asked for space, it will make you look needy and desperate. It will also annoy him and it will cause you to loose any chance of a relationship with him at a later date.
One last thing you might want to consider is that he may not be into you and is wanting to date other girls. If this is the case, pursuing him will not make him ant you any more.
If you want to have a chance with this guy, give him his space. If he comes back to you, he really does care for you. If not, then he is just not ready or just not into you.

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