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He pulled away when I asked if I was his girlfriend

I find a lot there is a lot of confusion in trying to establish the status of a relativity new relationship in my free psychic question email..
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I was seeing a guy casually for about a year. I finally brought up that the whole, "what were we?" and soon after, he disappeared--which was confusing.

He has come back around lately, and I saw him Friday night. And ever since, I am feeling anxious and weird about it..and don't know why.

So, I guess, my question is: what will happen with us? Was that the last time I'll see him? is that why i feel so weird right now?

This happens a lot when girls get frustrated and want to know the status of the relationship, so they ask... Then the guy pulls away, without giving her a clear answer... But he usually pulls away only for a few days..
The issue here is that he likes you, but is frightened of the commitment. He wants to be in control of the situation and by asking him if you were his girlfriend, you took control.
The thing is that guys like to be the one chasing and not the one being chased. when you asked him the status of your relationship you change this dynamic by being the one doing the pursuing...
The way to deal with this is to not always be available to him so he wonders who you are with. Be fun and happy when you are with him, but mysterious about your whereabouts when you cannot make a date at the times he wants. Do it this way "I have plans on that day , but am available on the next day""
This will cause his "chase instinct" to kick in and he will be more interested in calling you his girlfriend.
After you have been with him for awhile, the best way to put things that may be more comfortable for him and help you to decide if this relationship has a future is to say " I am not trying to pressure you about the relationship, but I do want to have some things in my future" Then state the things you want and ask" how do you feel about these things?"
Chances are he will tell you, and you will be able to decide if this relationship is worth your time or not.


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