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He will only be with me if I join his religion

Another difficult love situation from my free psychic question email

He will only be with me if I join his religion

I have known this guy for more than a month at present. We hung
out together and he showed loving gestures towards me and it awakens my
passion for him. I'm loving him. He said he has feelings for me too, but I
have been waiting for a status from him, are we boyfriend and the girlfriend
kind of thing? I asked him that question and he said I have to convert to his
religion first, then he will be serious with me. Long story short, I argued
with him because I cannot stand it anymore. This has bothered me so much. And
I said things I shouldn't have because I was defending myself. My friends and
family said to forget him. I can't. I feel like no, I have to get him back to
me. Some even said he is twisted and abnormal because he didn't realize what
a precious gem I really am. He awakens my love for him, shouldn't he at least
be responsible and loving me back? Because his signs are all there. He cannot
make me in love with him without intending to love me back, can he? That's
the biggest coward right there. Nevertheless, I cannot forget him. I just
want him to be mine forever. Thus my question would be, will we ever be in a
relationship and leading to marriage at some point? Thank you Joan.

There are no "shoulds" in love. Only feelings. He feels strongly about his religion and your anger
has pushed him away. The only way to have him back is to give him some space to miss you and
follow his spiritual beliefs. You cannot change him, trying to do so will only bring you pain.
You either accept him as he is and go on his terms or feel the pain and move on.

I do not make judgments, I am only telling you what the situation is.

Much Love,


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