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His Lover Died, Now He Is Calling Me.

Men can be so confusing sometimes... This woman is getting mixed messages from a man who lost his love, is reaching out to her for comfort, but has not made any moves on her. So she reached out to me in
a free psychic question.

He's been grieving the loss of woman who died and whom he cared for (she died a year ago.) He has stayed in touch with me and I have been strong throughout this but I rarely see him because of him "processing" his stuff and the fact that he is avoiding females right now. But why has he stayed in touch? I finally emailed him last Mon. to say that an email/text communication whether it is a friendship or relationship is not sustainable over time as I find it shallow/superficial and that I am not that way and never will be. He has been silent ever since then. I don't know if it's all been a game which I just cannot believe as he knows how sincere my love is for him OR whether he is just really scared/contemplative. He is now in his final semester at school and will be done in Dec. Other psychics have told me things will eventually work out between him and I. I just don't know

He is not ready and you have pursued him. He is pulling back for all these reasons but also because he feels you cut him off saying your relationship is superficial.
He is not ready to see anyone in person and you are trying to rush things.
There are stages to processing loss or grieving. Each person handles it in their own time and how much time it takes for them to get over it varies. We really do not have control over our emotions and he cannot just " get over it"
How things turn out depends on how you handle the situation. Without patience you will loose him.
Do not try to rush this. No matter how much you love him he is not ready. You cannot make him ready. He feels that he reached out to you and you snapped at him so he is going to pull away.
Now, send him an apology, telling him you had a bad day, you hope he is doing well and you understand the he is coping with is loss. Then send him a joke along with it.
Then leave him alone for a few weeks.
You CAN be with him in the long run, but only if you give him space now and do not try to rush things.
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Please treat each other well. Everybody has difficulties that we have to overcome, do not know later but how to live each day happily.
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Please treat each other well. Everybody has difficulties that we have to overcome, do not know later but how to live each day happily.
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