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How do I remove an unwanted spirit / ghost from my home

I get so many requests to remove unwanted spirits in my free psychic question email, that I decided to explain how you can do this yourself. all it takes is a little bit of
practice in raising psychic energy.

We have a ghost /spirit in our house and it is active in a way that makes us uncomfortable

How do we make it go away?


It wants attention and is "distracted" the best way to get rid of it is to talk to it and explain that it is in the wrong place. Then do the white light protection ritual on my site.
What many people do not understand is that we are actually stronger that spirits as we are in the physical world and they are trying to get into the physical world through the spirit world but they have no physical bodies and it is very difficult for them to function in the physical world. They can be annoying, but we actually do have more spirit energy in this world if we only learn ( or try) to use it..
If you do the first part of an energy cleansing ritual that involves the water and salt then bring up the white light energy and create a circle around your house. From there ask that the spirit leave..

I am going to suggest that you start using this method of raising psychic energy to chase it away. Focus on drawing up energy from the earth through your feet. draw the energy up to your belly.
Then visualize the top of your head opening up and receiving the white light of divine energy. Draw this energy down into your body and mix it with the earth energy in your belly.
Use your heart to focus the energy between your hands and blast the entire house with this energy. If you do this every time you sense the spirit, it will leave.

If the spirit persists them email me your experiences in to my free psychic reading email and I will help you remove it.
The important thing is to understand that even though it can be uncomfortable have these unwanted guests, and yes a spirit trying to function in the physical world does create a reaction within our energy field that actually does cause a chill to go down our spine and the hair to stand up on the back of our neck, they are not usually coming in with any negative intent.

They are often confused and not sure where they are or they are still attached to the place where they keep trying to come back to.

Sometimes they need to have it explained to them that they have passed on and need to "go to the other side" that is is not a bad place.

If they persist, then I suggest that you use the method I describe in my ritual that raises energy for manifestation and give them a blast of life force energy to push them out of your space or your house.

They are not strong enough to push back against our life force energy if we learn to use it.. This is our world not theirs, we actually do have more power here than they do..



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