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I am a nice guy who has a crush on a girl that goes for bad boys

So many times, in my free psychic reading email, I get questions from guys who have a crush on a girl, who seems to only date jerks. If you want to learn how to get the girl of your dreams away from a jerky boyfriend, you can ask Joan for advice in your free psychic question.

There is this girl I work with. I don't know exactly what it is about this girl, but I love her. I've enjoyed what little time I've spent hanging out with her a few times. I recently told her I love her, but really didn't get much of a reaction. Myself, as well as many other people, think that I would be a really great guy for her. She is known to go after guys that are horrible for her. Guys that do drugs, and treat her like crap and disrespect her. She has told me a couple of times that she only likes me as a friend. I still hold onto hope that she'll eventually change her mind about me and see me as a great guy for her. I was wondering if you see her eventually giving me a chance to be with her as a boyfriend/ possible eventual husband. I really love this girl and she's all I think about, and I would just hate to never be able to get a chance with her.

The issue here is that she associates love with longing. She already has you and knows it, so she does not find you quite as attractive as the "bad boys"
IF you want her, turn your attention to another girl and do not give her as much of your time. She will suddenly find you more interesting.
IE if you want her, you must change your tactic. IF you keep doing the same thing you have done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten from her.

Do not call her to "check in" do not follow her like a puppy. Start to ignore her. The thing that will drive her crazy is that she is no longer the center of your attention and she was getting a ego rush off you giving her so much of yours. If you want this girl, you must make her work for your attention, just as her jerky BF does. The diference is that when she has had to work for your attention, you will throw her a bone and be just a bit nicer to her. Then you will be " busy" again, but sweet about it. the fact that you are "just a bit nicer" than the jerk in rebuffing her attention will make her think of you as "sweet". The fact that she has competition for your attention, wil make you a challenge.

Yes, you will be "playing games" but that is the only thing a girl like this will respond to. So you have to ask yourself, do you want the girl enough to play games for her?

If the naswer is "no" then it is time to move on..



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