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I am in love with my best friend who is engaged

I think that I am in love with my best friend, However, he is engaged. He likes me too, I can tell. Is he actually going to marry this girl?
I spend a lot of time with him and we have a really deep connection but I want to know if he and I will ever get together.

as it stands right now he still intends to marry her. This may change depending on how close you get. This situation is not determined yet. He will be torn if you allow him to become closer to you in an emotional way. But what will decide the outcome is how close he becomes to you and how he compares the emotional support she gives to him as to how much you give him. Sex is not going to win his heart. But emotional connection will.

What needs to be my first big step of becoming a famous singer

First you need to connect with other singers. Second you need to connect with a local public access station to have one of their producers create a video for you. Public access usually supplied free cameras and will have a list of producers who will shoot and edit you video for free. Third, make video and put it in you tube, and any social media you can find. Fourth, you get on all the social media platforms and start chatting with people who might be interested in your music. Fifth, you develop a following and have them come hear you sing and play at a coffee house or anywhere people can see you come play. You will get to play at larger venues when you can show you have a big following. Sixth, you approach various music distribution houses in NY, LA, Canada and Nashville you show them you have developed a following. Seventh, you put your music up on all online distribution outlets like iTunes and anywhere else you can find. Also, develop a thick skin and accept the negativity others try to throw at you gracefully and with a sense of humor. Your temperament is going to be watched and tested quite a bit.


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