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I Broke Up With My Fiancé, But Now I Want Him Back

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Break Up
Message: I broke up with my Fiancé, 5 weeks ago. We lived together for 3 years. He has been so cold, mean and distant this past 5
weeks. It's like never loved me and I don't know the man that he is now.
Part of me wonders if we will be able to reconcile, but the way he is acting now, makes me think I need to move on and accept.
The hardest thing is the way he acts now is as though he never loved me. Do you see signs of reconciliation, and will it be worth it and happy like we once were?

I feel that he is angry as he is also in pain. If you give him some space he will have time to miss you, you will have better results. He needs to feel he has control of the situation, so the more you try to talk to him the more he will pull away. Let him go for a while and allow him to feel secure in that you are respecting his wishes. This will also give him time to review the relationship and this about all the good times as well.
Once this happens and he feels that you will respect his boundaries you can be friends again. From there you can slowly work on changing the dynamic in your relationship that caused the issue and eventually get back together.


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