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I can't pronounce the Love Spell words

Psychic Joan Marie Lawson

<p>Pronouncing the words properly are not as important as the intention you set and the way you make the connection with the object of your affection, or create the mood for bringing in whatever you want ( the memory you choose to focus on when you think of him). It is about raising energy, setting intent, creating the "mood" or thought of a good time spent together and then using that to create a connection to him. sometimes if you just think about a person strongly, they will suddenly think about you as well. when you do this with energy raised and a good memory or thought in your mind, they will immediately start to think about you and usually with the energy of the thought or memory that you are using.. Remember, it is about raising the energy as that is the "punch" you put into it, then about the thought, the memory you choose and emotion you project as that is what they will be thinking about. It is also quite important that you draw the white light circle of protection. You want to keep any negative influences or thoughts that me be flying about out of your work. The words are good only because they have been used for so long and they have power. But they are not absolutely necessary. I do have a simplified version of the "spell" or energy work as I prefer to cal it that makes it easier. It simply involves raising the white light energy from the life force that connects us all , setting the circle of protection by projecting that energy in a sphere around your work area, then setting the intent, building up the energy between your hands while you create the thought, the mood, set the happy memory and use it to charge the energy between your hands and then repeat what you want them to think until you are ready to release the energy to find them.. But I personally like to do the full ritual as it gives it more power..</p>



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