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I messed around with my best freinds ex and now neither one will talk to me

There are many ways to get into trouble with your friends, but when I found this one in my free psychic question email, I felt it held a powerful lesson. so I am sharing it, while keeping names private.

I know you don't have time to help me but I've looked everywhere for help and I'm desperate. I think I'm in love with this guy,but I just want to know how he feels about me. And if I will ever be friends with My former best friend again. She stopped talking to me because I was with him, he is her ex, and we did some "stuff". She cheated on him after like 2 weeks of their relationship and she said she found someone better but whatever. I just want to know how he feels about me. I lost some friends after that "party" and school has been hell. I just want to know if some good actually came out of it or not. I'm sorry if this was long or boring or irrelevant but I'm pretty much begging here. I've never felt this way about a guy and it pisses me off that I like someone who, a lot of my friends say, used me and is now ignoring me. My question is what does he think of me and hoe does he feel about me? Is it love? Hate? Wants nothing to do with me?...

the problem is that you have reached out to him too much and he sees you as "needy" so he has pulled away.
I suggest that you give him some space and do not allow your mutual friends to know that you are obsessing on him.
I know that you cannot help how you feel, but you can control how you behave and that will change things in the long run.
I am sorry to say that you were a rebound for him as he was not over his last relationship and is not ready to commit to be with you as a boyfriend.
She feels that you allowed him to use you to get back at her.
He did and he got the reaction from her he wanted.
I am so sorry Hun.

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