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I Paid A Spell Caster To Bring My Girlfriend Bak


Dear Joan, here is a little about my situation. My ex and I
split about 7 months ago, & she wants nothing more to do with me. We had some
problems in the past, and I think we just grew apart. I wanted to make things
work, but she feels it is best to say goodbye for good. I recently contacted
a spell caster and she has casted a love spell for me, so my question is, do
you think the love spell is working? She's an Aquarius, & myself a Gemini.


She is feeling overwhelmed by your affection and attention. She needs a little room to breathe. I know that spells can get their attention, IF you are working with the right spell caster and doing it with them rather than just handing over your money... The point is that even if you manage to get her attention you must be able to address the things in the relationship that pushed her away and change them. Have you been calling her too much? Have you been too possessive? Did you lose your temper? I know that she did things that made your relationship difficult but you cannot change her behavior, only your own.

I feel that if you give her some space she will eventually contact you. However, it will not happen soon enough.
When you ask the spell caster why it is not working and you are told "there is too much negative energy between the two of you." Be prepared for the spell caster to ask you for more money for "supplies."
When. the spell still doesn't work prepare yourself to be met with threats that if you do not continue doing this and paying money, you will never hear from her again. This is how the frauds work...


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