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I still feel a strong connetcion to my ex from a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships can be confusing and difficult. When I saw this in my free psychic question email, I felt it was a good example of what lover go through when distance is between them.

I have a very strong connection to my ex boyfriend. My ex and I had a long distance relationship, we both felt like we were each others other half. Long story short he withdrew and kind sabotaged our relationship by pushing me away, I left him for someone new then later he told me that he loved me but didn't want me to wait for him since he`s in the military.. Moths later he found a live girlfriend that he has been with for a year. I feel like he rushed, i definitely rushed, I just don`t feel whole anymore and sometimes i get the feeling he feels the same way and we were both wounded. I feel like we are truly meant to be but life kept us separated and both of us have had psychic experiences.. How do I know if these feelings are truly that of a love soul mate or just a very strong attachment.. Its been 2 yrs since the break up and a year since we last talked b/c his gf did not like us talking.
Please respond, i can`t work through this on my own.

The thing here is that you DO have a psychic attachment. However, life can be cruel and distance can kill a romantic relationship. Especially for the man who needs physical contact with a woman to be happy.
I know that he loves you but needs someone who is there with him as do you.
I see that you will be attached to him form many, many years but I do not see you two reconnecting physically until much later in life.
However, there will be a re-connection.
My advice is to not allow this to keep you from another relationship as I see that you can be really happy with another who will be entering your life and who will make a great life partner for you.
I cannot completely explain why these things happen, often it is past life issues that need to work themselves out. But I also feel it is more than that.
But my future sight tells me that you will not reconnect with him until many years have passed. This will be his choice not yours.


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