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Is he the one?

I'm sure you get these in your free psychi questions all the time. Women who beg for you to help figure out their life problems. Well to be honest, I don't want you to figure out all of my problems.just one. You see, I've had my run with love a few times, but never got it right. Can you tell me, am I with the one who is right for me, or is he still out there? Its really important for me to find out. I don't want to waste my life. So please, help.

Answer. If you are still young, then often your partners are not completely mature when it comes to relationships, is not as much as you being with the one, but being with the one who is ready.

I am going to suggest that you change something in your approach to relationships. Have you been pushing for a commitment too soon, being needy by calling or texing a lot.
The best way to find the one is to get involved in your "own thing" and allow them to pursue you, not the other way around.
The point here is that if you wait around for him to purpose, it may never happen. However, if he has to purpose to keep you and you have your own thing that puts you in situations where you MIGHT meet other guys, he is less likely to take you for granted and more likely to feel he needs to make a commitment to hang on to you.
Girls, do not be the one hanging on to the guys, let them chase you and you will find the one:)



Will my husband ever love me again, will we ever be togetber again? He says he hates me.

Leanne Mc daniel


Girls i really advise you to get over with this total is he the one or not because you truely are wasting your time on this i mean to get over this stupic complusion i used t do writemypaper4me reviews to get my mind diverted elsewhere and that really did work for me!


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