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Is there an afterlife?

Do you think there really is an after life?
Message: I went to a religious Jewish kindergarten when I was little. They
told us there is god...soon after I had an injury and began seeing ghosts. Do
you think they are real? I know some people believe in it...But it can’t be
real, can it? My family is not religious but secular Jewish. I do not drink
or do drugs or smoke.

Answer; it is very real. People have a hard time understanding there is more than they can see and touch. But I have had many experiences with the afterlife and it has amazed people with what I have been able to tell them
about their departed loved ones. When we pass our consciousness goes to another place in which we can still identify with who we were, but it
is very different as we are all one and all interconnected energetically.

Einstein said that matter ( us) is simply energy that is vibrating at a very low frequency. As a result we can only se that which is vibrating at the same low frequency. He also stated that matter only makes up 2% of the energy in the universe…

Sensitives, also known as psychics, can perceive energy that vibrates at a higher frequency. Spirits after leaving their body are energy vibrating at a higher frequency. Also there are many different planes of existence, as in the multiverse theory in quantum psychics. So only a few people who are sensitives can perceive and sometimes communicate with spirits when they are visiting our dense plane of existence.



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