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Love And Psychic Attachment

Love And Psychic Attachment. Or “Cords”


When we become close to someone we often form psychic or intuitive bonds, that can connect us to them so deeply that we can often feel what they're feeling, know when they're going to call and know when something is wrong.


Many intuitive's referred to this as psychic cords. This may sound strange to many people but we are all connected to an energy field that is life energy, or the life force. When we become particularly close to someone, that part of our life force, that vibrational frequency in our energy field, mixes with theirs and often we attach to them. Even when there is discord in the relationship we can feel them strongly and feel the attachment to them through energy cords. These cords usually attach to the heart and the belly energy centers or “chakras” within our bodies. This is a part of why our heart aches and we get a sick feeling in her gut when there is separation in the relationship.


What many people don't know is that we can often influence others through our attachments of these cords by simply focusing on them very strongly and sending out thoughts and memories of when times were good in the relationship.


Energy attachments are tricky things, as anyone who is ever been in love and gone through separation knows. They cannot explain the pain they are feeling where it comes from or why, they often simply know, or have a strong feeling, as to what this other person is doing or feeling. Because they don't understand why the situation is affecting them so strongly they often approach psychic advisors to explain it to them and help them through it.


For instance, I've had many people call me asking how they simply knew this person was talking to, or with, someone else. It is because they are still attached, their energy is still mixed with this person and this person's energy is mixed within them. They still have a cord or two attached.


The concept of cords may sound strange to some one thinking in terms of the physical realms, but remember the physical realm is simply energy vibrating at a very low speed and makes up a very small percentage of the energy that exists in the universe.  The energy that attaches us is beyond the physical realm but still very real.


The good news is that although the lover who may have severed the attachment may be on to other things, there is still an attachment felt and that can be used in a positive way to bring thoughts of the one left behind to their minds.


The tricky part here is learning to change the behaviors that cause the separation and hence to direct their energy to heal the relationship, if one really wants that lover to return. Sometimes it is simply too difficult and not worth it. And it is best to heal the damage left by learning how to sever these cords and heal the energy centers within our heart and our energy centers that have been fractured and damaged to the separation.


Either way anyone who has experienced a broken heart can attest to the pain felt when the energy between lovers has been disrupted.


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