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Mama's boys

The problem with mamas boys is that they come across as wonderful, sweet guys at first.
Then you start to find out his mom is always going to be number one and you will have to take a back seat.

Mamas boys never severed their childhood attachment with their mothers. They are constantly trying to please her, fear angering her and have an emotional dependency that is just plain unhealthy.

Their mothers will often criticize any woman they are with and can be more jealous than a lover. There is a sick inter-dependency between son and mother and the woman in his life is just there for sex, but his mama will always be his one true love.

You will never be a priority with a mamas boy unless you are his mother. It is an infantile attachment that they do not have the will or desire to break.
He will go to great lengths to prove to his mother what a great son he is. You will simply be a convenience in his life. Compared to his love for his mother, you do not have a chance of ever being his number one true love. He already has one, his mom.

I knew of one mamas boy who bought his mother a house and paid for her mortgage even though he could not afford place of his own that was as nice. He expected his girlfriends to help him pay for a place for them to live, if she wanted to live with him. Otherwise, he lived in the house with his mother. A fact he kept hidden from his girlfriends until after he had sex with them. He simply claimed he lived far away and would have to stay at her place when he was in town.

He bought a boat to keep at his mothers lake house ( which he was paying for) so his mother " could enjoy her lake experience while she still could" even though his lover ( who he was now living with, or off) was cash strapped and needed a better vehicle.
She simply was not nor was she ever going to be, a priority in his life.
His mother was always going to be number one.

How can you spot a mamas boy? Well he will come across as your dream guy, sweet and considerate at first. He knows how to please a woman as he has been doing it all his life with mom.
But, if he talks to his mother on the phone more than once a week. He constantly refers to her, he compares you to her, she feeds him or does his laundry for him, cleans up after him, he tells her private things about you, she helps him make his choices, he doesn't defend you to her, Is constantly rushing to her side, talks about how he is going to handle her future for her more often that he should. He sneaks out to call her so you can't hear what he says. Well then, you have your signs.

Relationships with mamas boys never turn out happy in the long run, as he will never break his dependency on her. If it comes down to your or her, he will choose her every time.
It is like being with a married man, only you will never be able to compete with the "other woman".

Any woman who has been caught in the mamas boy trap will tell you to pass this one up no matter how sweet he comes off at first. It is a one way ticket to abuse and heartbreak that you simply don't need.

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