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I am recently Separated from my husband who is in Jail for drug use
we haven't been together for a while, I was seeing one of our old friends
from way back and then it turned out that he had lied to me and started
seeing someone, he would text me everyday , we would see each other as just
friends but he is confusing I can't tell if he just wants me around in case
of something if he really cares about me if he was just using me as someone
who he knew would help him even when I shouldn't but I have strong feelings
for him I just don't know what he wants from me. Am I making the right
decision about my ex? are me and this friend going to end up drifting further
apart or is there hope that we will get together?

This is truly a complicated situation! first of all, I do not feel it will be a healthy thing for you to try to get back with your ex. Time to move on from that as it is simply draining you. Ok, so this guy was quite taken by you in the beginning, but you changed the dynamic by being the one to pursue him. He likes to be the one doing the chasing so he lost some of his interest in you. Unfortunately he also lost some of his respect for you as you gave too much too soon and did not allow him to be the one to take the lead in when it came to getting together.

You can change this dynamic, however, it is going to take time. You must not call or contact him until he contacts you first! It is time to start putting yourself in a position where you can date other 
men so he learns that he must work for your affection rather than just having you waiting for him
any time he wants you.

Here is the thing, I see another love entering your life if you go online and start looking. This one will be a much healthier option for you in the long run. I know you are not ready to let go of your "friend" but it is going to take time for you to change the dynamic of the situation in which he shows you respect.

Will I marry the man I have been seeing?

As long as you do not pursue him in a way that he sees as needy, I do feel you have a good chance of marrying him. But remember, your actions determine your future.

I was just wondering where so you see my current relationship with
boyfriend going not sure what he wants and he doesn't express himself

Even he doesn't know what he wants. He just knows that he enjoys your companionship. As long as he does not feel pressured or pursued, I feel he will become attached to you and this can lead to the long term. However, you must not try to rush or control things.
The outcome of this situation depends entirely on how you handle the situation.

I do see another man taking an interest in you and as long as you do not appear needy it may encourage him to make more of a commitment. Remember he wants to be the
one doing the chasing. So no calling or texting him first, no matter how it takes him
to contact you.

I have a long time friends with benefits relationship with this
man and I don't think he understands how much he means to me I have tried
everything I could but he is still afraid to be with me or just doesn't feel
the same. What should I do? How come he doesn't feel the same even though he
keeps repeating it? I know he hides everything for me and lies but why is it
a game to him and he doesn't care I just don't understand him. I don't know
why he doesn't ever keep his words.

He doesn't like being the one who is pursued. You have taken over the masculine role of chasing him and it subconsciously makes him feel less attracted to you. Do not call or text him first.
Do not pressure him to express his feelings. Appear to be getting on with your life and allow him to slowly become attached to you by spending time with you. IF you change the dynamic in the relationship in IF you change the dynamic in the relationship inwhich you are not trying to control things, he will start to feel as if he is in a more masculine role and he will become more attracted to you emotionally.

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I am hoping to get out a long term relationship which is not good
for me. I'm not married to this person but have a child with him.it's a
loveless non pysical relationship I feel I want to move on. Is there anybody
else out there for me this year. Another man perhaps. My current partner
earns less than me. Why does he not leave?

Your present partner is afraid of change. No matter how miserable you are. I feel strongly you will find love again, but first you must go through all that comes from 
separating from a long time partner or you will not be truly ready. So I cannot say you will find love this year, but if you work on the separation this year, you will be closer to finding
love next year.

I am 18 years old and am interested in this guy he’s 21, I was told that he is my soulmate about an hour ago. A few years back when I was 14 I  got my first reading and the women said my soulmate’s name would began with a “J” of course I didn’t see this coming and I have my doubts but is this true is he really my soul mate ?

I do not believe in soulmates. Only partners who we are able to grow with and flourish. Here is the problem with psychics predicting your love life.. They will paint a pretty picture for you as you are paying them to do so, or they are luring you into paying them to do so... Relationships are a product of the choices you make. Futures can only be predicted  after a choice in action has been made, or some part of your nature is so abundantly clear that a true psychic can see that you will follow a certain direction. I do not feel any of these psychics have been honest with you in terms of giving you initials or that you will find your soulmate so early on.

Pursuing any man is not in your best interest. You must allow the men to pursue you and not the other way around. Men do not respect women who chase them. They like to do the chasing.
I don't feel this guy is the one for you over the long run, but he may be a good learning experience. However, My intuition tells me that you will find another ( not J) who is more into settling down
and having the kind of life you want in the long run. But only after you have had a chance to grow as a person and experiment with other relationships to learn what truly works for you.



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