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My boyfriend breaks us with me but he wants to get married

I want to know if my boyfriend will ask me to marry him. He would always talk about getting married one day .he would always be the one that would talk about our future how i'm the one for him & i'm the best that ever happened to him .Me & him been through a lot he put me through a lot he broke up with me at one point but he came back saying he's a changed man & he doesn't want anyone but me . I truly believe me & him are meant for each other I truly believe he never felt so happy with anyone else. He might not say it But I feel it. there were times he would open up his feelings but then he would be distant again. I love him & I know he's my soul mate & i know he knows it as well. We are meant for each other . But right now he's being unfair being distant again & i'm truly worried because I don't want to go back to that place again .He's the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with . I just need peace of mine I truly believe he loves me more then anything but I just don't understand why he's in & out one day he's great & the next he's distant it hurts. I just wish he could just act up & be the man he promised to be because I know we are meant for each other I did everything for him I just want him to be here for me the way i'm always there for him . He's everything to me I just can't handle this anymore it's hurting me they way he's acting now I just need to know will we be happy will we get married . But now he just broke up with me i'm so hurt & confused because I know for fact he loves me more then anything he said it many times that I'm the "one" we met in the end of 2010 when we first spoke it was love from the start we would talk everyday & so on. we were together but he was on in off. I didn't understand why he would act that way . I was really great to him . He came back to me a few months ago & we talked & everything went so perfect he told me that he doesn't want to lose me & i'm all that he wants that he wants a future with me getting married & so on. But then he became so distant & i asked him whats going on with us .So I got a text saying i'm sorry I tired & you'll find someone better that deserves you . I was shocked I can't be his friend I just told him i'm so hurt I don't understand why did u do this to me u I love you & I wish you the best in your life. he text back saying I hate that I hurt you . I didn't reply back i'm so hurt ,Nothing makes sense to me because if he loves me the way he spoke of promising me he won't leave me again that he would never hurt me ever again he's the one that came back saying he wants me & only me & there isn't anyone like me, i'm so hurt & so scared because this is the guy I saw my life with & i can't even imagine not being with him all i wanted & want is to be happy with him to have the future we talked about.. & what hurts most a week ago he said I love u i miss u How can this be happening again. Will he come back I don't want a life with out him . He's my soul mate i know this I feel it & i know he knows that i'm the one for him but why leave me again . I would be so grateful for your help thank you so much..

The thing about men is that they all pull away from time to time and if we do not give them their space when this happens, they pull away more.
He is acting like a normal guy. Your mistake is going after him when he pulls back. you see , if you give him his space and leave him alone when he needs to be alone, he will start to miss you and come back. Men come and go in waves, you must work with his moods and not demand his attention when he needs to rest. IF you leave him alone when he is like this he WILL come back. IF you keep asking why he is not giving you all his attention, he will pull away more and eventually fall out of love with you.
The funny thing about men is that they fall in love when they are away from you, during one of their pulling back periods. Think about it, every time he left you and you broke up, he cam back even more in love with you. When he was with you and needed his space so he pulled back, you chased hm asking him what was wrong and he pulled away from you more...
If you give him space and do not let him see your hurt and anger, you can get him back, but you must never pursue him like you have in the past or it will be over fo good.

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