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My ex and I are constantly fighting. How do I make things better?

Here is another one from my free psychic question email;

My daughters father and I broke up in early March and things have just gotten so ugly between us. I would like to know will things get better, will he try to come back to me so that we can be a family again?

You must change something in your approach for things to get better between you two. You cannot control him, so you must control your own actions. The fist thing is to watch the tone of your voice when you speak to him, even if he is shouting at you..
The next things is to stop trying to blame him even when he is blaming you, just walk away or tell him you cannot talk or communicate with him when he is like this.
You can cut him off and win his affections back much more easily later,than if you argue with him when he is trying to engage you in a dispute.
If you pull back and reign in your reactions to him, you do have a chance of things getting better with him. Here is a hint. He is angry because he still cares. Even if he is with another woman , he still cares. The opposite of love is apathy ( not caring) hate and anger is just another manifestation of strong emotional attachment. It means he still has feelings for you but they have turned to anger. Remove the anger and the love comes back.

So my advice is to allow him to blow, but do not react to, or even try to reason with him when he is like this. Just go cold and refuse to react. Eventually he will give up and clam down. Eventually...

He is trying to get a reaction out of you. Because to him, it means that you still care.

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