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My ex keeps coming in and out of my life

This is a very common question in my free psychic questions emails.

My ex, and I keep getting back together and then breaking up. I love him very much and would like very much for us to be together again. We dated briefly last year, the relationship was going great and then he abruptly ended the relationship and has been distance since. The breakup doesn't make sense to anyone else(our mutual friends), because we were very happy together.
Then again we hooked up for a few months and then he abruptly broke up with me again.
Now he wants to spend time with me AGAIN...
I just want to know if I'm wasting time and energy, or if there is still hope he'll figure out what he wants and try to come back and fix things between us because right now he's sending weird mixed signals. He says he wants to be friends, we hang out everything's great and then he get's distant again. Should I wait this out or just forget him?

He is not in a place in his life ( emotionally) where he is ready for a committed , long term relationship. The best way to deal with this is to stay friends with him but to date other guys. When he is ready he will start to pursue you, but this may take a couple of years. The other mistake you make is appearing to pursue him. He pulls away when he feels that you are the one doing the pursuing. So stop being the one to call, text or email him to initiate contact. Wait him out and start to show an interest in dating other guys.
He really likes your company but is not ready for a commitment. The moment he sees that you are wanting one he is going to pull away.
When he sees that you are seeing other guys he will become jealous and want to spend more time with you. He needs to feel he has had enough time to "sew a few wild oats"before he settles down. However, chances are that you will be his number one when he is. The point being that if you just wait around for him to be ready, he will not respect you, will take you for granted and find you less interesting than if you date other guys during your "off" times. He needs a bit of competition, thrill of the chase and the feeling that he has "earned" your affection in order to appreciate you when he is ready to settle down.



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