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My Lover IS\s Ignoring Me/ I have a first Date

I feel stuck, don’t know if I mean the same to my lover as he means to
me where do you see me in 5,10 yrs?

Answer: Your lover is taking you for granted just a bit. The way to deal with this is not to be the first one to text or call.
Wait him out and make him wonder where you are. He is missing the thrill of the chase.
Where you are in the future depends on your actions. How you handle situations, the actions you take determine the outcome. I can tell you where each plan of action will take you, but you must decide what you are going to do. I will tell you that you can still have the relationship you want with Joe if you change the way you have been approaching him. No more appearing needy. You cannot appear to pursue him in any way.
He will start to notice and then he will be the one to initiate more of a close relationship.

Question: I recently started talking to a man I know professionally on a more personal level. We are going on our first date next weekend and, given that both of us are older & divorced, am curious if this is destined to be a serious relationship. Any insight very much appreciated.

Answer: This relationship does have the strong potential to become a more serious relationship IF you follow a few simple rules. First, realize that he does have baggage from the past. It is important that you be respectful of the hurt he is carrying from an old love. He cannot "just get over it." So being understanding is the first thing you can do that will win his heart. Second, do not ever be the one to pursue him. He must have time to ruminate over the things you have done together and how much he enjoyed your company. He is the sort to fall in love when he is away from you, can't help thinking about you and realizes he misses you. So, you must give him time to miss you and not be the first one to initiate contact. I know this can drive you crazy, but it is just the way things are with him. IF you stuck to these simple rules, I see a good relationship developing between you and John.

Much Love,


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