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No I do not invoke the Devil

I received this in my free psychic question email...

When I googled these words I find a website that says it is used conjure up and call upon satan
"Bagabi lacha bachabe
Lamac cahi achabae
Lammac lamac bachalys
Cabahgy sablyos
Lagoz atha cabyolas
Shamahac atha famlas
Is it true?

I have recently received a few emails asking if my ritual invoked the devil. I have to laugh. I do not believe in a devil. This was a Christian invention and I will give you links to the history later on so you can check my references:)
The concept of a Devil does not exist in the old pagan magical tradition. Yes there are positive and negative influences, but no outright evil deity.
I find it laughable that Christian call us satanists and even more laughable that satanists exist. My feeling is that Satanists are just as ignorant of history as are Christians that claim that I invoke "the devil"..
First of all I NEVER use negative influences in my rituals. It is just plain counter productive. Why would I wish negativity on myself???

The chant in question It is a very old chant that was written before the concept of Satan even existed.. All these rituals are focused on only allowing positive things to enter the circle.. However, a recent Satanic site has borrowed it to proclaim it their own.
They are idiots looking for negative attention any way they can. I have not respect for them and find them mildly annoying at best.
Anyway, you can cut these words out if you want if it bothers you.
History teaches us that Satin is a concept the was created by Christians using Dante's Inferno as a model to scare the peasants into doing what they wanted them to.
Before that the "horned one" was Cernnuos, the pagan god of pleasure.. As in food sex and drink.. Kind of important in a time when famine and high infant mortality rate made sex and food very important:) here is a link

The Christians were competing with the ancient pagan religions so they decided to make Cernuos into an evil and frightening demon to take ail the taxes from the peasants to themselves.. However, this is not he was viewed as being by the old religions fro thousands of years. He was the deity of all things pleasurable and enjoyable in life.
Also look up Pan in and you will see that many cultures had a horned deity that was
all about food , pleasure, sex and things that made life enjoyable and were necessary for our survival as a species:)
I find it interesting that the Satanists have taken this chant from the pagans and claim it is used to invoke satin. However the rest of their chants are in Latin, but this particular invocation is NOT Latin. It is in a lost language that has been handed down for centuries..
They are borrowing this from Wicca who follow the old ways that had nothing to do with Satin.. Wiccains do not even believe in Satin as it did not exist in the old tradition.

The whispering woods people are using it correctly in invoking the spirit of mother, father sister and brother. who are definitely not the devil.. They called the spirits of these entities that had all the good aspects that embody the best of those characteristics that exist in us all and wanting to use this energy to better themselves.
The Christians later changed it to father, son and holy ghost.. They were not mentioning the women as they wanted to suppress the women and keep them under control.
When the Christians took power, women were not allowed to own or inherit property. If they did inherit it, they would have to marry a man to keep it and it would all go to him.
Under the ancient pagan religions, women were treated more as equals and allowed the same rights as men.

These are subjects I really enjoy discussing, so feel free to ask me any questions about this in your free psychic question.



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