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Prosperity Spell

I like this ritual, as it does work. Especially if you also follow my advice at the bottom of the page:) I find it useful to do with another person as mixing energies make it particularly powerful,. So if you can, find a friend who can use a bit of extra cash and do it together.

I like to start by taking something that represent the money I want , like a $20 bill or often I put my bank cards in the middle of my circle with the intention of having them fill up with cash..
Then I light frankincense incense and light two green candles.
Now start b y grounding yourself, This involves visualizing drawing energy up from the earth, through the base of your spine and into your sex organs. Sex energy is powerful as it the basis of life energy. Let your sex fill with earth energy and focus on transmuting it into passion and desire for better things in life. To give you resources so you can have the things you want and need to make life comfortable for you ( and your loved ones). While you do this, chant " it is OK to desire. Desire brings growth, growth brings prosperity"" Say this 15 times.

Then focus on drawing the energy up through your belly, your solar plexus and into your heart. At your heart
At your heart stop and focus on filling it with the life energy. Say "my heart is full. A full heart brings good things to life":) say this 15 times

Now draw the energy up through your throat and to your third eye. Say, " bring me the vision to recognize the good opportunities that will be drawn to me" Say this 15 times.

Then visualize the energy spilling of the top of your head in a brilliant, sparkling white light that surrounds you in an egg like cocoon..

Hold both your han ds out in front of you and cup them as if yo are holding a ball between them.
Now use your heart to focus this energy, we call it "Projecting" using your heart to focus this energy into your hands use your heart to direct the with light energy into your hands. you will do this by feeling the white light energy circulating through your body, being drawn from the earth and surrounding your body but some of it will come out the top of your head and some will come out of your heart into your hands..
now as you project the energy into your hands, start to chant for the things you want.
I will say I want ?\" ask what amount of money you want or need and be reasonable, the universe does not fill unreasonable requests) ans ask for them 15 times as you fill your hands with the energy from your heart. What you are doing is "charging" the energy between your hands with your desire, giving the energy a purpose. when you feel the energy is filled with your request ( you can ask more than 15 times) use your hands to direct some of it to your bank cards or the cash, but then pull it back into your hands and then then throw it out into the cosmos and say " bring it to me".
You have now completed the ritual.

OK, as a side note, It is OK to desire as desire is what nature gave us to reproduce, to want to grow and create new thin in in our lives. However, balance is very important. Too much desire with out restraint or discipline is an imbalance and destructive. We are also never allowed to hurt others with our desires. We only engage willing partners to indulge our desires with us. Never do we push our desires on those who are unwilling..

A full heart speaks for itself. However, a full heart does not mean that we ever allow others to make us an victim or to take advantage of or good will. A full heart without establishing personal boundaries is also an imbalance.

The key to using energy manifestation wisely and effectively, as well as having a happy life is learning balance.. VERY important.

OK, here is my final advice to finding and creating prosperity.

You must think outside the box and not be a slave to convention to become financially successful. Times are changing and you must change with it. If you do what everyone else is doing you will not be competitive in the financial front.
Time to look for and embrace, new ideas that are the result of new technology.
If you keep telling yourself why you can't do things , you will never progress.
You must find something that interests you, become passionate about it and do the research
To learn every way you can to market yourself while doing it.
There are la lot of resources at your disposal but you must have the courage to use them.


My life has been very hard lately because I need so many things and don't make enough money. I hope Joan's spell can help me with these problems.

Linda A. Borell


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