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Questions And Answers About Cheating and Cheaters

Subject: Will he return?
Message: A married man flirted with me, told me he loved me, and then just
pushed me aside like I was nothing. Will he explain one day?

This man is selfish and will not give you the satisfaction of an apology or any kind of acknowledgment.
I am sorry Hun, he cares not for the feelings of anyone but himself. He may have appeared to be sweet and told you what he feels all women want to hear, but he is a user who will never own up to his abuse of your emotions. He will simply disappear on any woman
who gets too serious on him. His wife has a financial hold on him so he is not going to leave her. He simply uses women and then disposes of them when they become too needy. You are not the only woman he has done this to.

Hello I'm having a bit of love confusion.... a little back ground Me
and my now EX have been together since march broke up in
November due to me catching him cheating since the break up we've kept in
contact he has told me that I’m his dream girl and that he feels like a fool
for what he has done to our relationship and that he does want to get back
together but not until he's " right" ..... Now my question is are we going to
get back together

He wants your love and emotional support, but he is not ready for a committed relationship. The issue is that he sees you as the woman he could settle down once he has his drive to chase multiple women out of his system. However, for now he knows that you will catch him cheating you again as it is just in his nature to do so and that will just lead to more hurt and drama.

This is not going to change anytime soon... I do feel that in time he will want more of a committed relationship
with you. But that IS going to take time and you cannot change his nature.

So here is my suggestion, as  this is going to take a long time, I suggest you to give yourself time to heal and then
start  dating others. He will still want to be your friend as long as you are not angry with him or try to push
him into getting back together. From there I see two possibilities, one is that there is another love who is prepared
for a relationship. The other is that you will date others but not seriously and eventually he will be ready for
a committed relationship.

I am having relationship problem with the father of my daughters.
Although I think I still love him, he has told me he doesn't want me anymore
in his life although he is willing to look after our daughters. I found out
that he was flirting with a colleague of his. I am not sure if they had been
intimate at our house or not. He said nothing happened and they were just
flirting. A couple of months back he had love bites on his neck and a family
member of his told me. When i asked him, he said it was from a random chick
at a club. A few months later, i started seeing a colleague of mine, we are
not serious or anything, just casual. I am confused and would like to know if
my daughter's father is telling the truth and is there any chance of us
getting back together. If not, will this relationship I started with my
colleague is worth pursuing or should I stop and concentrate on my life.

Your husband has been cheating on you. Your relationship with your colleague is workable, but only if you do not try to rush things or pursue him too aggressively. You must be patient with this one
and not try to take control of the relationship.

It  will help to focus on yourself while you are going through this transition. It is time to take care of yourself.
Focusing on your life and being independent will make you much more attractive to your new love



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