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Questions And Answers About Jealousy And Cheating

I am so confused i feel like my wife loves me but is confused within
herself i feel like she desires another man. I question because at time she
looks for attention from other men i feel she a flirt and is not honest with
me. Can you help me understand better. And will she continue this way i am
close to leaving her. Thank u

I am not sure this is about an affair, but more about her needing to feel validated by getting attention from other men.
She wants to feel like she is still desirable and special. She craves the excitement of being pursued for her attractiveness.

If you can be sensitive to this and give her compliments and attention, let her know you notice other men
find her attractive without expressing jealousy but showing her you are proud of her, she will feel better
about herself and turn her attention more towards you.

Hello I wanted to know will the fighting ever stop between my husband and I or will it get worse?

Unless you do something to change the dynamic of your communication, it will get worse.
Time to try somethings different to resolve conflict. The unfortunate part is that he is caught
in a pattern and you cannot control that. Only your own reaction to his anger.

My and my ex boyfriend broke up about 3 months ago. He is in college
and i felt like he wasn’t making an effort to communicate with me, so this
caused a lot of arguments and me being unhappy in the relationship. I also got
the intuition that he was cheating. It turns out that once we broke up he
slept with someone else. Everything went downhill from there. I realized that
this couple of months without him has been me realize how much i miss him and
want to make this relationship work again because neither of us are perfect.
I still love him and i know he still loves me but the only thing is, he didn't
want to get back together because he feels like we both have some changing to
do so that we wont hurt each other again. But the girl he slept with is still
in the picture and it seems like they are getting closer. i don't know what to
do. Should I move on and forget about him? Am i crazy for still wanting to be
with him? Do you see us getting back together? How long will it take?

You are not crazy, you are still attached.  The issue here is that you both have a lot of maturing to do before making
any kind of commitment. He needs to experiment with different relationships and wants someone close to him, more accessible for companionship and sex. Long distance relationships rarely work.

You both have feelings for each other but the timing and distance are making it necessary for you to move on for now. This does not mean you both cannot be friends. As long as you don't show him any anger and do not call or text him a lot you can still be friends in the future. If you are living closer in proximity, work on having a better relationship romantically.
This other girl is a placeholder. He is not likely to commit to anyone for the long term at this point as he has a lot of growing and experimenting to do. He is a young guy and needs sex.

So as much as it hurts, it is time to heal, be as nice to him as you can when he contacts you, and look at what you're dating options are in close proximity to you.



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