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Spell To Take A Lover Away From A Rival

I have a lot of people asking how to win a man's love away from a rival in my free psychic question email. so I am sharing this special spell with you.

To take a potential lover ( or existing lovers) attention away from someone else, we do what we call a "tunnel vision spell"
This spell must be started with a lot of energy or power built up through a strong source and then preformed in a smaller way over seven days using a seven knob candle..

First thing you do is write the name of the person you want to influence on the bottom of the candle. Take anything you have of theirs, a picture, some hair, something they have handled and put it in front of your alter.

Then rub the candle down from wick to bottom using the appropriate oil for your spell.
If it is for love use "come to me" oil or frankincense oil.

You will need some frankincense incense and to make a list of what you want them to think about you. You must also build a "feeling" that you want them to feel for you. This part is extremely important as it is through their emotions that you influence them the most.
Now draw your circle of protection and ground your energy, pulling power or life energy from the earth. Fill your body with the energy and light the candle.

Now use that energy and focus it into a a circle between your hands and over your candle. Focus on the thoughts you want them to think of you and say " only me, only me, see only me"

Keep doing this until the first knob of your candle burns down.
then focus the energy on the objects you have of him and again saying " only me, only me, see only me"

When the candle knob has burned down and you have finished "charging" the pictures of your love and anything that has been handled by them, send out the energy that you built up between your hands and say "go find them"
Do this every day or seven days and they will not be able to get you out of their mind.

Then take the objects that where eon your alter , like the picture and something they touched and put it in a bag or locket and wear it in your self until you do the next spell.

If there is still a person between you two, then get a black seven knob candle and anything you may have of this person. If only a name then write their name on a piece of paper and rub it from the bottom up with banishing oil.

Draw up your energy just like you did before and place the paper with their picture of them, or paper with their name written on it on the alter.
Write their name on the bottom of the candle.
Then use your energy to focus on them and say (he or she, give the name ) is not for you.
Then ficus on the one you want and say ( he or she, give the name)
Keep doing this for seven days. Then take the paper with the name written on it and then put it in the freezer or bury it in the ground away from your house.

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