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The Magician

<p>The Magician is about having the ability and the timing being right to bring things to a higher level. This is a very powerful card and a great omen that things are about to move up in ones life as one now has the capability to create the success that is desired. If this comes up in a love reading it means that things are about to move to a higher level in an existing relationship or that new love will come in if one is to go looking for it. A great time to create good things in ones love life. Deep commitment can come from an existing relationship and a good potential long-term committed relationship can come from seeking out new love at this time. If this reading is about finances the magician means that things are about to get better through effort. That seeking new opportunities will bring financial rewards in a very good way. This is a card of strong gains and big, positive changes but they come from personal effort. If one is asking about a project, it will bring great gains. If one is looking for new employment, their efforts are about to come to fruition. If this reading is about career, good things are coming. Good time to ask for those things you want from present job or to look for a new one with great success. The Magician is a card of gains through creativity. If you want your work to be acknowledged, this is the time to present it. If you are thinking of asking for a raise or promotion, this is the time to do so. IT is a card of gain through past creative efforts and success with new ventures. The Magician cards ruling planet is Mercury. It is a higher arcana card and hence one of karma, or something that comes from a strong or powerful force. It represents the use of skill, and logic, the ability to use both the physical and the cosmic, to manifest ones desires. This is a very powerful card being number one in the deck it foretells strong potential to manifest ones desires using that abilities hat one has learned or may learn on the journey about to be embarked upon. The symbols on the magician card are the infinity symbol above his head, that of eternal life. He has before him all the major suite of the Tarot each representing the elements of earth air, water and fire. Using his wand he is able to channel the forces of the cosmic divine into the physical realm and using the four elements manifest that which he desires.</p>



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