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the Space Travellers by Persephone Davis

the Space Travellers
by Persephone Davis

One of the strangest experiences I've had occurred many years ago in a quiet, suburban neighborhood lined with trees and well groomed yards. It began with reports of strange lights hovering in the air above the homes, and flying quickly away silently when anyone noticed them. Soon thereafter signs began appearing on light posts requesting that our pets, especially the cats, be kept indoors at night because many were going missing and some were being found dead from mysterious causes. Needless to say, we were all spooked by these happenings and no explanations were forthcoming.

As the summer drew to a close, I spent a nice evening at a neighbors Bar-B-Q across the street from my home, along with my husband. He and the Host were having a hearty conversation, laughing and joking animatedly in front of another neighbors closed door as I sat to the side listening quietly, when out of the blue this neighbor opened her door and without acknowledging or saying a word to anyone, looked directly at me...a stranger who never met her before...and while pointing up at the sky said, 'You know they are from up there, not from here, and you should remember that all beings are made by God, even the bad ones'...she then smiled warmly at me and closed the door.

I was astounded! I'd never met, nor seen, nor spoken to this woman in my entire life and she just appeared out of her doorway to relay this cryptic message to me!!! I turned to my husband and the Host and asked them, 'what in the world do you make of that woman's message?' To my greater surprise they both looked at me as if I had two heads for they hadn't seen nor heard her at all, even though she had been only a few feet away! I was in further shock that they could've missed something like that, so strange, so out of the ordinary, so weird, and yet they kept talking without interruption. It seemed like she didn't want them to see or hear her and that her message was meant for only me to receive and understand.

So now whenever I hear about strange, unidentified flying lights or Aliens, I always remember this event...and am reminded how similar to mankind 'aliens' are, after all. Both Dark and Light existing in the same species.



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