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Vulnerability due to psychic potential

Many people ask me about the danger from "negative thoughts or energy from other people when they start to open up their psychic intuition. This is one of the real hazards of being psychic as you can literally be bombarded with other peoples "stuff" if you do not learn to filter it out. This is what a psychic must train so that they can close their perception and "block" unwanted thoughts and energies for others.

So many people are trying to open up their psychic abilities and often the problem they are not seeing is how to turn it off. I had this problem in childhood, but eventually mastered the art of tuning out anything I did not want to invade my mental space . Not learning how to do this is the reason that many good psychics have unhappy personal lives.

OK, here is what you do. You visualize the white light of protection around you and then change your thoughts. I have a thought I use, I visualize a mirror reflecting the intrusions from the psychic realm back outward away from me and then I think about something practical I need to do. If this does not work then work on sending the white light to shield you and focus your mind on one thing, anything that you find positive, it is a deeply personal choice so, make is something unique to you. I use the mirror and then focus on a pink light coming out of my third eye flushing out all the bad energy. From there I then center my energy in my belly ( solar plexus chakra ). It just feels more grounded and as long as you keep the mirror up for defense against any negativity that someone may send out, you will be fine. I have been doing this for so long that I no longer have to do it anymore. Now when I feel something or someone trying to enter my psychic space, I just become annoyed and will it away. This is all an exercise of the mind and as long as you are able to control where your thoughts go, you will be alright. Deep breathing while doing this really helps as well.You can do it any time of day or night you feel comfortable. The point is to fine tune this process to make it yours.



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