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We broke up over his cheating now I want him back

I get some complicated subjects in my free psychic questions emails.
This one was worth a serious look and a serious answer in her free psychic reading.

My ex fiance and I have been on and off for 8 years.
I need to know if we going to get back together. We were going to be married,happy and raise our baby together.

Then he cheated on me and has been violent and now he is gone,I am pregnant now with his kid.

What do I do to make things better?

OK, first of all I can never condone his behavior. Violence is never acceptable. cheating is an issue that is often chronic and compulsive. He can love you and still cheat.
Some men never stop cheating no matter how much they love their wives.
However, if you are willing to live with these issues then here is what I recommend.

The issue here is that you two have fallen into a communication pattern which is not healthy. Yes, he cheated, this is not your fault. However, he feels that you are never going to forgive him and that he will always be "bad" in your eyes. He definitely has flaws and they are extremely difficult for you to deal with..
However, when you blame him and try to show him where he is "wrong" all he hears is that you will always see him as inadequate and this causes him to pull away further.
I do feel that you will have another chance with him, but first you must put the past behind and never bring it up again. I understand how difficult this is.

Second you must watch the tone of your voice when you are upset with him and do every thing you can to avoid the "blame game" Blaming him will no make things better , they will make things worse..
If you change thees things and give him some time to miss you by not calling, texting or emailing him trying to convince him to come back, then he will eventually start to talk to you again and from there you two will have an opportunity to reunite. He needs to trust that you are not going to be angry with him as most men will do just about anything to avoid a woman's emotional out bursts. If you want to be with him, you must ignore his cheating and never get angry with him over it. This is not something I would do personally, but if you can live with him cheating, then you can have a long term relationship with him as long as you look the other way and do not loose your temper with him.


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