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What Can I Do To Improve My Finances?

Times are tough now and I am getting so many requests for help in improving financial situations in my free psychic question email that I have included some advice and a spell to help you here.

First of all you must think outside the box and not be a slave to convention to become financially successful. Times are changing and you must change with it. If you do what everyone else is doing you will not be competitive in the financial front.
Time to look for and embrace, new ideas that are the result of new technology.
If you keep telling yourself why you can't do things , you will never progress.
I cannot tell you what you must do, you need to use your free will to discover that. You must find something that interests you, become passionate about it and do the research
To learn every way you can to market yourself while doing it..
There are la lot of resources at your disposal but you must have the courage to use them.
I can recommend a basic manifestation spell / meditation attract money and success to you. I find this helps a lot, but you must do it with an open mind and ask that opportunity that will bring you money is brought to you..

Here is a simple spell to bring you money.
First you must make a list of what you want and what you are hoping to attract to you. Be reasonable and ask for new opportunities that will bring you financial stability. Be open minded. If you ask for a job you have no possibility of getting, your time and energy will be wasted, but you may ask for a job within a particular profession. However, if you have been looking for a job for a long time with no success, then be a bit more open minded and ask for new opportunity that you can grow with that will provide financial stability for you in the log term. you might be surprised at what comes your way if you do it like this. Now, lay the page that you have written your requests on and set it out in front of you so that you can read it while your hands are free.
OK, now you have your list prepared.
It is helpful if you burn some incense as scent invokes memory and you will find that every time you burn that scent, you will be able to bring up the energy required much more quickly.

Start by sitting on either a chair or the floor. Take five deep breaths and envision yourself drawing up life energy from the earth through your body, it must first pass through your sex and then your belly and solar plexus, up through your chest and through our heart into your throat and up through your third eye in the middle of your forehead finally to spill out the top of your head in a brilliant white light of transmuted life energy.. this is the energy we will be working with.
Now visualize the white light that spills out of your head surrounding you in an egg of with light. this is your protection from any negativity.
You can experiment with the light, learning to control it and move it around you s it is life energy and it is manipulated easily.
now take the energy in your hands and feel it swirl around between your hands like a cyclone ( tornado) and start to ask for the things you want that you have written on the paper in front of you.
Keep feeling the energy swirling between your hands, moving faster and building in intensity while asking for what you want over and over until you have built up such an intensity that you feel the energy is fully charged. Then release the energy out into the cosmos and imagine it streaking out into many directions finding the best possible opportunity and both leading you to these opportunities but leading them to you as well.
Then go to bed and sleep on it and see what happens over the next few days.
you may do this spell twice a week if you are dire straights, but you must follow with some action to search for these opportunities. Expect to get flashes of new places to look and often unexpected opportunities will find their way to your doorstep.

Please let me know what results you have has with this one by sending me me an email to my free psychic reading email address.



My thoughts? You should need to weigh down things that you buy. Always think that you don't need to buy those that you don't need. Learn to invest and you'll have a happy life.
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