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When a love spell will not work

I am contacting you today about a problem that's been causing me major stress. As you noted on your website, I've been scammed by people who claim to be psychic and want to charge X amount of dollars to do work for me to get rid of negative energy and curses put on me by others. I wanted to ask you if you see my ex-boyfriend coming back into my life and entering a relationship with me again, on his own accord. We've been broken up since April 9 of this year and we haven't spoken to each other since. We have a mutual "friend" who has been telling me he has been bad-mouthing me behind my back, and it's really rocking my confidence of his coming back into my life; I've decided not to speak to this "friend" any longer because I have the feeling he's trying to stir things up...but I do feel that there has got to be some truth to My Ex talking to him about me because he knows too many things about our relationship. I've done work ( spells) on my own about this situation, but the more this "friend" tells me things, the more doubts I have and the more anger I feel toward him...and I know I have to be in the right mind frame for my work to be successful. There's one spell I've used in the past that I know produces great results, ( it has worked on him in the past) yet this time it didn't produce the effects I know it can--I'm am considering re-casting it once I have the money for the materials I need and once I am in a less stressed state of mind. I was looking at your spell online and I would like to complete it (particularly once my account is brought back to a positive balance so that I can do it with you over the phone with me--I'd love the moral support), but I guess I'm questioning whether or not he really even loves me and WANTS to be with me. After not hearing from him and being told he doesn't have nice things to say about me, my confidence is wavering, and I would feel guilty about doing any sort of work if he genuinely doesn't want to be with me...

If you could help guide me and tell me what you're picking up on, I'd really appreciate it.

I am so sorry that you are going through this but he has no more place in your life. He is moving on and as difficult as it may be for you to do, it is time for you to emotionally prepare yourself to move on as well.
Sometimes a love is in our lives for a limited time. When that time is up, is is because whatever we needed form the relationship has been given and then it is time to grow in different direction. Your EX is not mature enough to give you the love you need.
He is not capable of the kind of love you need.
Because this relationship has reached the point that it is no longer productive in your life, a spell will not work this time.
The spell will only work if he feels some inkling of emotion for you or sexual desire. A spell can be a powerful magnet to make him remember the good times and the passion, but if he has reached the point to where each time you two reconnect, the love just wears a bit more thin, then it is time to let go. He will no longer respond to the spell but only remember the things that pushed him away. When it is time to move on, then it is just time to move on and move on is all you can do.
Change is always frightening and painful, but without change we would not grow.
I understand how difficult this is and will be for awhile. But when you have recovered, there will be another love coming into your life and it will be a much more mature love.
You must allow this time to process, feel your anger and hurt and then heal for the vacancy in your life to be replaced by a much more healthy love.



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