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Where Is Your Soul Mate? Are You With Who You Are Meant To Be With?

I am constantly getting email asking me where their soul mate/twin flame is, or if the person they are with is their soul mate or are “meant to be” with someone else…

Here is the thing. We were given free will to make choices. There is not one person who is perfect and made just for you. We were given free will to make choices as to who we can be with and relationships only going to work out if both parties put some effort into it.

Look at the divorce rate and tell me if there is any plausibility to the whole “soul mate” concept?

We all like the pretty picture that Hollywood has painted for us, but lets face it, that is only for entertainment. Yes, love can create some string attachments and we FEEL as if we have found our soul mates, but without hard work and a lot of effort, the relationship is going to suffer.

The minds of men and women are completely different. And the two genders have a difficult time understanding each other. Men tend to compartmentalize, only focusing on one thing at a time, women can multitask and use more words than men. So when a women has told me that she wrote the guy she is struggling with a 15 page letter and asks me if he has read it and understands, my answer is no, he did not. Men usually tune out after the first five words unless you are telling him something good about him.

So please understand that what you are really looking for is a human being that you can communicate with enough to work your issues out. But asking for soul mates are putting huge expectations and pressure on a relationship and doing so can lead to disappointment and unnecessary pressure. Remember you are dealing with a human being who had a brain that is hardwired completely different than yours. So it is better to allow things to move slowly so you can understand each other over time without putting too much pressure and expectations up front.
If you work on communication, giving space when needed and understanding, your relationship will work out for the better in the long run.



I am not happy with my husband but i am very happy with my fiancee and i do not know what to do.

Erin Brown


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