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Finding lost objects is an old art that can be made into a fun game to help develop your intuition. Notice that I said art, not science. The method I’m going to explain to you is similar to that used in the old days to dowse for water and precious metals.  Now I’m not saying that it’s guaranteed to find your keys or the remote in 10 seconds flat; just that it’s been in existence for literally thousands of years, so you might want to give it a shot just for the fun of it.


Here is what you do.


Use something you have kept close to you (like a piece of jewelry that you might wear occasionally) that you can dangle from a string or chain. Something like a necklace, with a pendant or a ring. Hold the end of the chain between your thumb and forefinger while resting your elbow on a table or arm or chair. Be sure that the pendant or ring (the pendulum, as we call it) is hanging at least six inches below your fingers.


Now keep your elbow steady and focus your energy on the pendulum. It will move in one of 3 ways: circles, forward and back, or side to side.  Try to steady its motion as much as possible, then ask it which motion represents “yes.” Watch carefully to see which of the 3 types of motion predominates. When you are satisfied that you have an answer, then ask which motion represents “no.”


If you get the same answer as before, try relaxing your grip on the chain, then start again.  If the problem persists, try holding the pendulum with your other hand, or in a slightly different location. Once you have decoded the pendulum’s signals, you are ready to proceed.


Now comes the fun part.  If you believe that your lost object may be within your general vicinity, you can ask the pendulum to lead you to it. Slowly head in a given direction, and ask it if you are going the right way (you may phrase the question however you like, just remember to make it a yes or no question). Eventually, if you are calm, centered and patient, it might just lead you in a path that brings you to a lost object.

If you become proficient, you can expand the use of the pendulum to include larger areas. I have even used them over maps to help find things in distant locations. This is an art I was taught as a child; it was handed down through the generations from my grandmother to my mother to yours truly.


It can make for quite an entertaining exercise when you have a friend hide things in your house and you use this method to find the things they have hidden. It is also rumored to be a common test to attain one’s third degree in certain magical circles.

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