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How can I get my lover back?

OK, you have tried calling, texting and emailing. Yet you are being avoided, or worse given lame excuses..Now it is time for desperate measures. OK, well first STOP CALLING!!!!! Do NOT TRY TO CONTACT THEM. It is not working.This will only make you look needy and you will be avoided more and for a longer time.The way to get back into a lovers heart is through their emotions.. That is right by putting a thought into their head reminding them of the good things you two had between you two.

Why can't I get my ex our of my head?

Unfortunately nature played a cruel trick on us in order to get us to reproduce and stay with a family. When we fall in love we become "attached" to a person our brain creates chemicals that give us a "high" like a chemical reward for being with this person. Our brain becomes flooded with "love" chemicals. In brain scans these chemicals work on the part of the brain, in the exact same way, as a cocaine addicts does when they are on their favorite drug ( cocaine). Hence, we actually become addicted to that person. When that person pulls away, our brains stop producing these chemicals and we go through an actual chemical withdrawal.

How do I get my ex to return my calls?

Is there something you could do or say that would compel your ex to return your calls. Have you tried and tried to leave phone and text messages only to have them ignored. Is there some mystical technique, some magic words that will have your ex happy to return your calls?

Actually there are words that will seem as if you have cast a spell that will have a profound effect on not only having your ex return your calls, but doing so with an attitude of warmth and acceptance.

Amazing, but it's true.

I'm going to tell you this, and you are going to be surprised. Not only are the results, but because it is so amazingly simple.


Getting your calls returned will not be enough to win your ex back without a complete preplanned strategy.

Doing this without a plan of action when they do return your calls to put you back to square one.

So you must have a strategy.

But first, you need to know what NOT to say.

Who will I marry?

I get this question a lot in my free psychic reading email questions.

Here is the problem. Not everything is about fate. We have choices in life and as a result in many cases, the future is not formed yet.

Yes, I know you expect me to see into the future and in many cases I can. But in this case, love is not always a matter of fate.

you were given free will so you could make choices. There are strong probabilities as to who will cross your path and that can be seen by a good psychic.

but the ultimate choice is yours. Destiny is a potential, not a promise...

So Hun, it is best to use your time time to focus on learning to flirt and experiment with dating over time, so you can make the right choices in finding and attracting the right partner.

Mama's boys

The problem with mamas boys is that they come across as wonderful, sweet guys at first.
Then you start to find out his mom is always going to be number one and you will have to take a back seat.

Mamas boys never severed their childhood attachment with their mothers. They are constantly trying to please her, fear angering her and have an emotional dependency that is just plain unhealthy.

Their mothers will often criticize any woman they are with and can be more jealous than a lover. There is a sick inter-dependency between son and mother and the woman in his life is just there for sex, but his mama will always be his one true love.

Is he the one?

I'm sure you get these in your free psychi questions all the time. Women who beg for you to help figure out their life problems. Well to be honest, I don't want you to figure out all of my problems.just one. You see, I've had my run with love a few times, but never got it right. Can you tell me, am I with the one who is right for me, or is he still out there? Its really important for me to find out. I don't want to waste my life. So please, help.

Answer. If you are still young, then often your partners are not completely mature when it comes to relationships, is not as much as you being with the one, but being with the one who is ready.

He pulled away when I asked if I was his girlfriend

I find a lot there is a lot of confusion in trying to establish the status of a relativity new relationship in my free psychic question email..
If you are confused, you may ask Joan for more advice in your free psychic reading

I was seeing a guy casually for about a year. I finally brought up that the whole, "what were we?" and soon after, he disappeared--which was confusing.

He has come back around lately, and I saw him Friday night. And ever since, I am feeling anxious and weird about it..and don't know why.

So, I guess, my question is: what will happen with us? Was that the last time I'll see him? is that why i feel so weird right now?

Why is it so difficult to breakup?

Even when a relationship is bad it can be hard to let go. I get a LOT of questions about how to deal with breakups in my free psychic question, free psychic reading email.

The issues are twofold. First, nature created a chemical attachment to our partners so we are literally "addicted" to our them. Tise is so we will still feel responsible to the person who before birth control, would be the parent and provider to our children, hence encouraging the health and well being of families. The second is that we have connection through our life force , Or Chi, or energy bodies that makes us " feel them" even when they are not around. I find that this is often stronger in women although men however, do feel it. They are just sometimes less in tune with their emotions.

Never fear women, there is a way to connect to your ex using this life force and his emotions ( if you want him back) and because he is often an emotional idiot , he will be even more acceptable.

I told him I was giving him some space until he is ready to commit

When you communicate do not ask him if he is ready to commit. Do not mention the relationship at all. simply make small talk about what he is doing in his life and what you are doing in yours, accomplishments at work etc.

He needs to feel safe in communication with you and not guilty nor feel any pressure. This way he will remember how comfortable it was to talk to you and he will start to miss you.
From there, do not expect him to request to see you, this will take time.
You must actually put yourself in the mindset that you will move on and start dating in a couple of months. The logic behind this is that if he senses that you are moving on and that he might loose you for good, he will have to be ready to commit to get you back.

If he does not and trued to make thinsg the "whay they were" without a commitment, state your case clearly and refuse to become intimate with him, walk away until he does commit.


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