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We were so close for three months, now he pulls away

Relationships develop in stages. In the first three months you are in the infatuation stage, or the honeymoon stage when everything looks rosy and you both are focusing on the good things about each other.

After about three months you both may notice those little things that may be questionable or annoying about each other. This is when some decide if you want to continue on with this relationship or not.

I find that most romantic relationships tend to face some change every three months. This is when a new cycle starts and an old one ends.
The cycles in relationships run like this.

My relationships start out well, but something always goes wrong

I get a lot of " things started off so well then went wrong" questions in my free psychic reading email. Here is a brief explanation of why this happens due to the stages in relationships.

My question has to do with relationship. I have not been completely happy with any of my relationships. Every guy that I do meet starts off well then comes the disconnect. Currently I am in a relationship, part of me feel like he needs to get himself together and he may not be really into me as much. Because of this I tend to loose interest and feel like it is a waste of time. What do you see for me in the relationship department and who is the man I will eventually marry?

How do I get him to commit to me?

Many guys are going to balk at the first sign of your needing a commitment. Particularly if you push him for one. This puts a lot of women in a difficult position. What to do when you really want one ?

Well first of all he is going to see you as more desirable if you are not so easy for him to have. He must work for it. He WANTS to have to work for it. He needs the excitement of a chase.

But how do you get him to the point where he wants to work for it?

Through his emotions. You start by making him feel special. You find things that flatter him, things that you actually like about him. That's right girls, the way to a mans heart is through his ego. If you let him know what is special about him without actually pursuing him, he will want to spend more time with you.

Where is my Soulmate?

You will not like this answer, but I do not believe in soul mates. The story of soul-mates was invented by Euripides during a drinking game and storytelling contest in ancient Greece. It has nothing to do with what modern "story tellers" have made it out to be.

I know you want to believe that there is someone out there for you and I also believe that, but. Relationships are hard work, there is not one perfect person just for you.

The danger in rebound relationships

Q I started dating a guy who just got out of a long term relationship. We have sex and it is great, but he tells me he isn't ready to be in a relationship right now. He says he has a lot on his mind right now and needs to be free for awhile... I love him so much and I am just confused on what to do because we are sexual attracted and we talk almost everyday. i just need some advice please.
When people go through breakups, even if it they were in the relationship for a short time, they need time to heal. If they jump into a relationship right away it becomes a rebound and it never works out.
Men are often open to have sexual relationships, even when they are not emotionally ready to have a real romantic relationship. Their brains do not work the same way as a woman's does, so they feel that sex is just a "bit of fun" and that do not understand why we can't do ti without getting emotionally attached... Problem is that women DO become

How do I get a guy to notice me?

This is a common one in my free psychic Question Email

There is a man I feel overwhelmingly connected to - even though he
does not know who I am.
I have had VERY vivid dreams about him/us and I feel so strong for
him, like in my bones..
If there is potential for a future relationship, what should I do to
get in contact with him, in what context/scenario would it play out?

When your man pulls away

Sometimes when a guys loves you, he still has issues with having his wings clipped.
It is the old push/ pull of wanting you to be there for him, but not wanting to make a commitment.
Women often find this extremely confusing and do not know how to handle it.
They do not realize that men's emotions don't process in they same way because their brains work differently. They feel that have to be psychic to understand him.
So far too often the unfortunate female makes the fatal mistake of trying to reassure the man that she does in fact care for him, hence causing him to pull away further.

So what to do when your guys pulls away?


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