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History of Tarot

<p>There is a lot of mystery as to where Tarot cards originated and when using them for divination, came from. Many say Egypt, as some form of cards were reputedly used to communicate with those who spoke other languages in Memphis, after the Library of Alexandria was burned. But this claim has never been proved. We do know that cards were used for games in China as well as in Persia, before they were used in Europe. So many believe that they made their way through the trade routs into Europe. The earliest mention of cards being used in Europe is during the 14Th century with suites similar to the present Tarot deck we use. As the cards contain symbolism from many different cultures, including Egyptian, Mithras religion, Pagan and Celtic belief we can assume that they were the result of a mixture of the symbolism of many different cultures at that time. However, these cards were initially used for playing games.

Tarot Reading

This is a work in progress and a labor of love. so please bear with me as I will be adding articles and instructions on how to use the Tarot for divination on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Here you will find ways to layout the decks, history ( what we know) of the tarot and definitions of each card as I see it. As their are many cards to cover and I will only have the time to write one definition at a time, I plan to post each article up as it is written. so check back and see what progress is being made.

Finding lost objects

Finding lost objects is an old art that can be made into a fun game to help develop your intuition. Notice that I said art, not science. The method I’m going to explain to you is similar to that used in the old days to dowse for water and precious metals. Now I’m not saying that it’s guaranteed to find your keys or the remote in 10 seconds flat; just that it’s been in existence for literally thousands of years, so you might want to give it a shot just for the fun of it.

Here is what you do.

Use something you have kept close to you (like a piece of jewelry that you might wear occasionally) that you can dangle from a string or chain. Something like a necklace, with a pendant or a ring. Hold the end of the chain between your thumb and forefinger while resting your elbow on a table or arm or chair. Be sure that the pendant or ring (the pendulum, as we call it) is hanging at least six inches below your fingers.

What is a psychic clairvoyant empath?

If you want to have live readings regularly, having a personal and regular psychic clairvoyant whom can help you is a must. Having a personal psychic reading your aura and energy can be very helpful for you. The truth behind is that clairvoyant readings are not similar with psychic readings that you may get from other websites and hotlines. If you are still intrigued with the difference of this psychic reading from other readings, you have to read on.

Paranormal experiences after a head injury

I have been having a lot of weird experiences lately with seeing spirits and things that have come to me in dreams. I had a head injury a few years ago and the last year it has been becoming more and more. Some have really graphic images and some say peoples names that I know. I just want to know if this is real or if I am going nuts. Thanks for your help.

How do I have psychic visions?

Many people express curiosity as to how to have psychic visions in my free psychic Question email

Question. Joan I have been trying hard for years to have psychic visions but they just do not come. I focus all my energy on my third eye, but nothing happens. I have tried staring into a bowl of water like I have heard they did in ancient times and nothing came to me.What am I doing wrong?

Vulnerability due to psychic potential

Many people ask me about the danger from "negative thoughts or energy from other people when they start to open up their psychic intuition. This is one of the real hazards of being psychic as you can literally be bombarded with other peoples "stuff" if you do not learn to filter it out. This is what a psychic must train so that they can close their perception and "block" unwanted thoughts and energies for others.

So many people are trying to open up their psychic abilities and often the problem they are not seeing is how to turn it off. I had this problem in childhood, but eventually mastered the art of tuning out anything I did not want to invade my mental space . Not learning how to do this is the reason that many good psychics have unhappy personal lives.

Spirits and opening the third eye

I was wondering about the term "third eye." I've read that you must open it to be able to become psychic because it opens up your mind. I've also read that once you open it you are able to see paranormal things like ghosts and spirits. As I mentioned before, I'm young and scared of what I'll find. I was wondering if I have to do this. And if I do do this, is there any way to close it I am afraid if I do this that spirits will cause harm to me.

No, you don't have to open your third eye:) you must learn to trust your own visions. It works differently for everyone. You see, we are all unique so try the meditation and learn to trust your own instincts..... It will happen naturally if you allow it. Do not be afraid of spirits. They are not dominant in the physical world. We are!!! They do not have the energy to manifest much, nor do they have the know how...

My psychic ability keeps going on and off

I like this question as it has a lot of truth in it. Learning to control your psychic perception takes time. In the beginning your psychic flashes will come and go at strange times and not always pinpoint on the things that really matter to you.

This is how it begins, by going on and off at sometimes random moments. Your emotions tend to interfere with your intuition. Learning to clam yourself by deep breathing and distracting your mind, helps a lot. Emotions cloud our vision which is why it is difficult for some psychics to read for themselves.
I find that doing something that clams your mind, such as binaural beat meditations or the energy manifestation mediation, or even yoga helps.
The difficult part is that when one tries too hard, then your perception will be blocked even more.

Dreams about things that come true

If you have dreams about things that then happen , this means that your psychic ability is developing. These things may not seem significant, but your mind is trying to become in tune with future sight. Not all things are set in stone. Sometimes you can see things and change them. Sometimes you can't. Simply pay attention to these dreams and allow your mind to continue to process these things in any way it chooses. Eventually if you pay attention to them, they can become quite helpful in your life.
I would suggest that you not mention this to many people though.
Unless people experience these things for themselves, they will not understand and often make fun of you. Take it from me, I had to live through that:) And when it does happen

It then freaks some people out . It can be quite upsetting to some who are extremely conservative in their beliefs, so be careful who you tell about this.


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