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How psychic ability works

Have you ever had that "gut feeling" that you knew was right only to find out it WAS right? Well, that is a part of our natural senses that has been suppressed by our conscious mind in order to deal with the complications of daily life. In fact , we ALL have the natural ability to be psychic. When you train your mind to pay attention and be open to these hunches, you will receive them on a more regular basis and with more clarity than you ever thought possible. People often have erroneous ideas as to how the process of receiving psychic impressions works. They get these from watching really bad movies and TV shows which tend to sensationalize psychic phenomena. But it is actually pretty simple. All psychic information is processed through our subconscious mind, and the problem is that most of us simply do not know how to listen. There is a massive amount of information that our subconscious must filter, as our conscious mind can only handle so much.

How to develop your psychic ability

Learning to open up your psychic potential involves training your mind to reach an altered state of consciousness. When you achieve this state, your active mind is able to connect with your subconscious mind and sift through all the unimportant info, to find the connection to the ethereal and then retrieve the information that you are looking for... This means that your brain is processing info that transcend the needs of the physical world, which is what your mind is normally trained to give you, while filtering the rest of stuff that is not important to your daily survival.. Small children are not conditioned to perceive things that only relate to our day to day physical needs and thus are much more open on a psychic level....

All about psychic ability

Many people view psychics as all knowing beings. This is because they have been depicted this way in movies and TV. Shows. But this is simply not the case. You were given free will to make choices and a psychic can only predict your future once you have chosen a course of action. A good psychic can give you advice as to what is the best action to take, and they can tell you the outcome, but you MUST use your free will to take that action.

Psychics are people who can perceive energy around people and situations. They process these impressions through their subconscious mind which most people have tuned out as they are focusing on everyday things.

Psychic Energy Cleansing Ritual

Energy and brainwaves follow similar patterns... They both can be scattered and moving far too quickly in random and sometime discordant patterns, all over the place until a person gets "burned out and exhausted, or worse stuck in a negative mindset/energy/brainwave state...
It has been my experience that both energy patterns and brainwaves follow the same patterns. So it makes sense that if you pay attention to both, you will be able to find balance in your life......
This is why when I do a psychic cleansing, I make a point of using tools to help both the mind and the individual energy field of the person I am working on....
The other issue I focus on is energy flow and "blocks" hat can occur in each of the individual energy meridians or chakras... When you have blocks in these areas, it can really disrupt your well being, including your physical health...

My pastor says spells are bad and psychics and evil

I have been getting a few threats of fire and brimstone in my free psychic question emails. Here is my response...

the pastor of my church says that psychics are evil and that i should only listen to leaders in my Church.. That all other religions are wrong and anyone that is not a member of my religion is going to hell... He said that it is against God to cast spells...
That casting a spell to bring love into my life, or bring my lover back, will be doing the work of the devil...

Curse removal scam

There is an old scam that some so called "psychics" use to scare you into giving them, money. They tell you that you have had trouble in life due to "negative energy" creating blocks or that you have a "generational curse" on you or that someone, possibly your ex's new girlfriend has "had work done" to keep you two apart and that you must have it removed. They will tell you that some one has created this negative energy and you must pay them to remove it. The problem is that they tell this to everyone who consults them.
It is a numbers game to them to see who has the money and who actually believes them.

Love Spell On A Platonic Friend

Free Psychic Question;
What i actually wanted was to sort of give a nudge to someone to become a closer friend that's exactly how i formulated my wish..I performed it 4-5 times over the duration of a month and some weird things happened ....

The person on who i directed the spell is a family member of my BF - this is why i said that i didn't intend the spell to make him want me romantically/sexually or whatever, since i'm already in a relationship and so is he. We've met a few times usually once a month when we all had time to get together..we had LOTS of fun at these outings and i found that we have a lot of things in common (interests, tastes)..

I can't pronounce the Love Spell words

<p>Pronouncing the words properly are not as important as the intention you set and the way you make the connection with the object of your affection, or create the mood for bringing in whatever you want ( the memory you choose to focus on when you think of him). It is about raising energy, setting intent, creating the "mood" or thought of a good time spent together and then using that to create a connection to him. sometimes if you just think about a person strongly, they will suddenly think about you as well. when you do this with energy raised and a good memory or thought in your mind, they will immediately start to think about you and usually with the energy of the thought or memory that you are using.. Remember, it is about raising the energy as that is the "punch" you put into it, then about the thought, the memory you choose and emotion you project as that is what they will be thinking about.

Spell To Take A Lover Away From A Rival

I have a lot of people asking how to win a man's love away from a rival in my free psychic question email. so I am sharing this special spell with you.

To take a potential lover ( or existing lovers) attention away from someone else, we do what we call a "tunnel vision spell"
This spell must be started with a lot of energy or power built up through a strong source and then preformed in a smaller way over seven days using a seven knob candle..

First thing you do is write the name of the person you want to influence on the bottom of the candle. Take anything you have of theirs, a picture, some hair, something they have handled and put it in front of your alter.

Then rub the candle down from wick to bottom using the appropriate oil for your spell.
If it is for love use "come to me" oil or frankincense oil.


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