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Why spells and energy manifestation work

People are often skeptical about spells and with all the scammers out there I can understand. This is why I actually do the spells with the client, either in person or over the phone and carefully explain to them how it works.. It works because we are dealing with the life force energy that connects us all, hence it affects whomever we are focusing our energy on. When we are connected to someone even if we have broken up with them, they still have a subconscious connection to us.. We can use that connection to make them think about us and often have them think the thoughts we send to them. Life energy is a powerful thing, it is a force which connects all things. It can be manipulated to attract what we want to us and it can be used to connect to the minds of someone we love. However, there are limits. If that person we are connected to us simply does not love us, then a spell will have that person thinking about us but it will not make them love us.

How to protect yourself from negative spirits, or any negativity

Any natural psychic is going to attract a spirit from time to time. Most are benign and just want someone in this world who can hear them. But they can be annoying and occasionally we get one we would rather not deal with. It is quite easy to make them go away but not many people know how. I have gotten this question so many times in my free psychic question email, that I have decided to give you the exact process of protecting yourself from spirits here. OK, first of all you ARE stronger that any spirit as you live in the physical world and they are just visiting. sometimes they try to stay here and do find a way to shift in and out of the physical realm, but this it OUR turf. This is the realm of the living and we ARE the living. So when a pesky spirit wants too much attention from you, this is how you make them leave you alone. We use life energy, it is the energy that connects us all, psychic energy that we can draw directly from the earth and use to our advantage.

Love Manifestation Ritual

OK, you have tried calling, texting and emailing. Yet you are being avoided, or worse given lame excuses. Now it is time for desperate measures. First STOP CALLING!!!!! DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THEM. It is not working.This will only make you look needy and you will be avoided more and for a longer time.The way to get back into a lovers heart is through their emotions.. That is right by putting a thought into their head reminding them of the good things you two had between you two.

Manifestation Ritual

I am probably the only online psychic who will do a spell with you over the phone. The point is that when two people mix energy together it can be very, very powerful. I have a lot of experience doing energy work with others. Because of this, I also know what will work for the benefit of your goals and what may not be so good... I only use white light, positive energy and never use dark forces....The way I do my energy work makes it safe for you so that no negative forces can have access to your being To achieve this, creating the psychic circle of protection is very important... You will need your list, a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, a knife, a cup of red wine (if you indulge) and music that will put you in the mood for a trance, Place any items you may have that will be relevant to the goal we will be focusing on, in front of you. we use them as a link to your goal.. Have both the bowl of water and salt with the knife laid ready. Behind the bowls have the red candles for love.

Energy Cleansing Ritual

Begin by writing down exactly what you want removed from your energy field. If it is just a feeling of negativity or a person who has created negativity, the write that down as well. We will discus these things before the cleansing so I can focus on removing them during the aura cleansing ritual. If you leave something out, you may see it pop up in unexpected ways. So be specific!
We often start this ritual with very serious intent, but it works best when we release it with a giggle. The universe seems to appreciate laughter and the best results I have seen come from letting the energy you have built up go into the cosmos with a bit of humor. (Those who engineered our universe seem to have a great sense of humor. Why else would life play so many strange tricks on us)

Can I do a spell on my own to remove negative energy?

I have read some of your articles on spells and negativity. I have been told I have negative energy, curse put on me by three people, my aura is dark and my charka need balancing and this is why my finances are bad and I can't make any money. They want to charge anywhere from $200 to $1000 to fix the problem. Will the spell you have listed work if I do them and will a money spell start bringing me more money?

Using psychic energy to manifest your desires

Joan performs a variety of services, which she does with you over the phone.
These include teaching you to raise and manipulate energy as well as attune your harmonic vibrations to a higher level to manifest what you want in life.
She also does aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, psychic protection, bringing in love, creating wealth as well as the occasional thought form, and love spells all of which she teaches you to do for yourself. However, with the latter, she cautions you to be careful what you ask for. Love spells have consequences. So she only does theses for individuals who meet a certain criteria, in which Joan feels that the union will be beneficial to both parties and has a potential of remaining happy.
Joan sends you a written copy of the procedure for doing the specified type of energy work and then meets with you over the phone at a specific time, to perform the spell with you, as well as teaching you to do it for yourself.

Do animals have souls?

Yes, they do, but they are more in tune with nature than we humans and tend to go back into the cosmic "soup" of nature rather than attempt to return to the physical world to communicate as human spirits do. Everything, people, animals, plants, fish are all connected through the life force and all recirculate into it but at different times and different ways.

Spirits of humans are often still connected to loved ones in the physical realm and attempt to reconnect. Animals are sometimes connected to humans and do try to reconnect, but they do not have the same ability to communicate just as they did not have speech in life. But often they do check in on us. Particularly the pack or social animals. The issue is that their owners often don't know how to listen to them, so it is more difficult to connect with an animal spirit. But sometimes you will get a message from them in a very personal way.


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